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A group where the collected Bloodlines Continuity stories are collected, written by Cinders of War and A Bag of Plums.

Stories of Bloodlines relation can be put here as well, like works created by others. If you would like, feel free to write some fan stories about the Continuity!

Helpful Note: If you're lost and don't know which story to start at, we recommend starting with Leap of Faith, then moving on to The Lost Connection. After that, it's off to wherever you want to go, and while there is no real order in which to read the rest, they all connect with each other in some way. Just explore!
If you want to follow it by its historical timeline, then the first one to start at would be Age of Kings, followed by Long Way to Fall, Leap of Faith, Rift Between Worlds, Lost Connection (Its events take place during Rift's second arc), and then Servant of the Queen. As for Flame of Disparity and The Chrysalis Letters, they take place away from the main story arc, so they can be read whenever and at any time.

Also, lore or other bonus materials will be posted here that might not be featured too much in the stories themselves. Time will tell.

Anyway, have fun reading the stories, and don't forget to add a like and a comment, telling us what you think!


Needle in a Haystack

Leap of Faith

And Now Something Completely Different

A Rift Between Worlds

Like a Fiddle

A Long Way to Fall

The Missing Link

The Lost Connection

This Day and Never Again

Age of Kings

By Royal Command

Servant of the Queen

Screwtape and Wormwood

The Chrysalis Letters

Only Embers

Flame of Disparity

Achievement Locked - Through the Ages

Achievement Locked - War, Never Forgotten

What stories do these locked achievements hold? Well, only time will tell... :trollestia:

What will this group be used for? As of now, there is no definite use, but should anyone have questions about the Bloodlines Continuity, this would be the place to post it. If you would like to type fan works, then this would be the place to post them too. If there is any other use you can think of, feel free to give it a whirl too!

And might we add, welcome to Bloodlines!

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I can't believe it's taken me this long to figure out, but is the title of the continuity being called 'Bloodlines' perhaps related to the Mane 7 descending from those in Age of Kings? ..Also, I might be rereading soon, maybe, no promises. It's a large commitment, and I have a lot of things to do in a day now :P

Well, I see the insignias....but yeah, I hope I shall enjoy it too

I don't know, is it? We hope you enjoy it nonetheless~ :twilightblush:

Hold up, is this a sort of crossover with what I think it's crossing over with?

And it doesn’t actually inconvenience me when their incomplete as it allows me to catch up on/start reading other stories

The main storyline is Leap of Faith first, then The Lost Connection. After that you can read them in pretty much any order you want, they're all linked somehow. Some of them are still works in progress, so sorry if that's inconvenient to you. :twilightblush:

Question, is their a specific reading order cuz if their is i cant figure it out. For the main stories folder anyway

Oh, I know who that lady is. It's Chrysalis' daughter.

If you're unsure where to add something put it into unsorted

Hey, if my stories have OC's, events, and artifacts from the Bloodlines continuit, should I add them. And if so, where do I add them too?

Haha, alright, well, thanks again! Glad that you like our continuity!

I like the story series and it needed a group not much else to say

Thanks! It’s appreciated! Curious question: What made you decide to create a group? Haha.

And well, I haven’t seen your drawings, haha, but I can say, every piece of art is good in its own ways. And every artist has their own style, so you know! :twilightsmile:

You are now admin you can also customize this however you want I know you're a much better artist than I ever could be

Oh and any chance you could swap us to admins? I'd like to add some images on the stuff, haha.

Haha, well, thanks for the stuff here and for taking the time to do this.

Good ol' edit: There are somethings I wanted to say though, hah. Seeing as this is a group for the Bloodlines Continuity, Rift and Fall should be under main as well, and then Lost Connection would be under side.

A bag of plums and Cinders of War this is for you guys

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