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This story is a sequel to Leap of Faith

Part of the Bloodlines Continuity

In the final days of King Sombra's reign, the Crystal Empire's last free ponies gather together for one final effort to oust the usurper king from his throne.

With no help in sight from Canterlot and Sombra's domination all but complete, the Empire's only hope now are four ancient artifacts created by Star Swirl the Bearded, mystical items of such ruinous power that they had to be locked in another world to keep them from being abused.

One pony. One magic mirror. One thousand years ago.

A whole world of adventure, filled with new and familiar faces alike.

The untold chapter of the Crystal Empire's darkest hour begins here. Join Emerald Edge in her quest to return to Equestria to defeat Sombra, eventually leading up to the founding of the Assassins' Creed seen in Leap of Faith!

Featured on 1/22/2017 and 5/01/2022!

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Oooh and another one! And the story on how the Assassins were born right? This one sounds interesting~!! And scary. It's mean old Sombra again. I'm glad Emerald put him down in Leap of Faith.

Damn that was brutal. So if this takes place a thousand years ago, judging from the video, will we be meeting the ancestors of the main six? Oh boy this is going to be good. :rainbowkiss:

Ah, so they're from Avalon. I'm guessing these are Applejack's ancestors then? We're going to Arthurian myth here, so I can't wait to see whose ancestor we'll run into next!:raritystarry:

This is fun, she doesn't know what fingers are!:rainbowlaugh: but why would she? She's a pony.
7866650 and I agree!! I'm excited to see who their ancestors are! I mean, we've seen them in that video you have, but it will be interesting to see them in action!

7848461 Where is this "video"?

So instead of wanting to join the Wonderbolts, Spectrum Song wants to be a knight? Nice! And if they're going to Canterlot Fabrics, does that mean they're going to run into who I think they are? :raritywink:

The kids are sooo adorabbbble~!!!! That handshake tho... it's been real interesting so far. Keep gooooiiiing!

7885496 Makes me think of how Twi acted when she first came into the EQG universe; awkward. :rainbowlaugh:

Sir Morn Dread... Mordred? And Moon Tide... if memory serves, that's Mirror Match/Psithyra? She's here with Sonata! Isn't that something?

Nothing a little magic singing can't cure hm? So since Moon tide is her then would that mean Morn Dread is also a that? Oooh.

Apple Bean and Golden Nugget, who had been casually listening to this, noticed where this was going and as only a married couple can do, facepalmed at the same time

Haha, I can totally see that happening. Of course she'd be disturbed by the meat eating, she's a pony. Other than that, the pep talk at the end was nice.

Golden Nugget and Apple Bean seem to have a very tough time believing Emerald Edge. So they don't even believe in any kind of magic? As for the rest, good chapter. Funny and sad at the same time.

So the sirens know that Emerald is from Equestria. Are they going to ask her for a way back home? Other than that, I liked this chapter. Rarity's ancestor lives up to her element of generosity.

I wonder back then, how did people stop men from going into the women's bath and the other way around? Now we've got cameras and all. Anyway back to the story, the kids said gargoyles. Are there creatures here too? And Adagio in her element? :rainbowkiss:

Ooh. Excalibur, an artifact! Well, that was established in Leap of Faith, so no surprises there. And Queen Sunlight Radiance... she's a changeling too, right? Chrysalis?

Edit: After reading through a second time, I noticed this particular exchange.

“So how about all the equal shares and countrysides we were promised, your majesty?” the man in the front of the queue asked loudly. “When are we going to receive that?”
“Equal shares? Countryside?” The king looked equally aghast as the man who asked the question. “I’ve never said anything about this. This is a monarchy, not a democracy.”

Quest for Camelot reference?

Well, spoiler-ish for stuff ahead, I think that Mirror Match is Moon Tide, and the Queen is Mirror Match's Queen/This world's Chrysalis. Also, the King tires because he is not from Equestria, just like the Templars and the artifact in Plum's story "A Long Way To Fall". spioler done, the story is shaping up

7932089 That movie wasn't so great but it was still sorta nice :twilightsmile: So as for the sword.... seeing as the Assasssins have it, will Emerald actually go steal it?

So Nightfall Gleam is Twilight's ancestor? And Aria! This is shaping up to remind me of the first Equestria Girls movie, except instead of a dance, Emerald has to win a tournament. Only two of the Main 6 left, as far as ancestors go. Keep up the good work!

Let's see Applejack's ancestor sells apples. Rarity's makes clothes, Twilight's makes magic and stuff, Rainbow's wants to be a knight. So Fluttershy's will have some animal feature. Horse trainer? And Pinkie... is she the King's jester? This is all rather interesting. Do keep it up!~!!

Posey Hood eh? So she's like Robin Hood? Posey's a G1 pony, isn't she? So does this mean she's Fluttershy's ancestor? Guess we'll find out next chapter.

This makes my job almost one-fifth more exciting!

One fifth... as in 20%?

Gee, I hope Emerald is ok... And I bet my wallet that she are Sir Morn will become a thing!! :pinkiecrazy: Looks like you're leading us to that, at least.

7962859 This comment was found needing to be 20% cooler.:rainbowdetermined2:

“This is a good idea! Two birds with one scone!”
“I believe the saying is ‘two birds with one stone’, Spectrum,” Emerald smiled at the young squire’s enthusiasm.
“Not when I bake the scones...” Spectrum cackled knowingly

What the heck kind of scones has that girl been baking?

Moon Tide's so kind and considerate. Hard to believe she turns into Mirror Match later.

And Secret Fire, isn't that the name of an NPC in Skyrim? :rainbowlaugh:

Sir Hors seems to be abusing his authority as a knight. I guess it's good that Sir Morn found out now. Spectrum deserves better if she's Rainbow's ancestor. And I'm guessing they're off to deal with the sheriff soon? That's going to be interesting eh?


Farangar Secret Fire

Now this was a fun chapter! Watching Sir Morn and Spectrum try to stall the sheriff was highly amusing. It's good that they managed to put an end to Trottingham's troubles, and now Emerald gets the prize money to boot. Now can she buy a sword?

100% sync bonus achieved - Free Running currently disabled

1. Perform all combos with the Hidden Blade successfully in the first try
2. Survive the attack from the bear with 4 Synch bars

Reward - Hidden Blades + A Traveler's Gauntlet.

100% synchronization - Free Running now Available

1) Avoid Detection
2) Retrieve the Ledger in under 5 minutes.


Seems like how half of the Assassin's Creed distractions seem to go.

You know what, I like Sir Morn Dread. Even though his name is based on Mordred and therefore I suspect treachery from him, I got to say, he's a nice guy. Like his mother.

Well I hope Emerald wins!! She needs that shield!

Sonata is adorable, even in the medieval age. And off we go to sort out these druids. Let's go get em!

Well these guys kind of just came out of nowhere. How can the king's guards be doing their jobs if some druids can just kidnap people like this? Dawn Saber needs to get on it and assign better guards.

Glad they all got out ok. Hate to see someone get sacrificed to these guys. This part was in Leap of Faith right? I remember something like that in one of the animus thingies..

8031790 Yeah I think this was in one of Sunset's dreams when she was experiencing the bleeding effect from touching Excalibur. Good catch. :yay:

Yass! I love the characterization you've got here. Now all that's left is Pinkie's ancestor. Does she not live in Canterlot? That would explain her absence...

Gee, now this makes me really wonder if the grail is one of the artifacts. It has to be right? I do wonder what Emerald can do with something like that in her hands... as for the chapter, hey I like where this is going. Seems like she's really making a place for herself here. I wonder if she will want to leave when the time comes... seeing as all the Assassin stuff happened... she didn't want to go home..?

Hmm, this woman appears to be either insane, amnesic or plain delusional.

Welp, let's let her have first watch! Nothing can go wrong with that!

Nice to see this continued! Now that Emerald has started the tournament, it'll be an uphill battle to get that shield. Looking forward to more! :pinkiehappy:

What a loser, that guy!! He was sure a fiasco there!!:rainbowlaugh:

Glad to see you're hback with us! Get that shield and go back and beat Sombra!!!!

“Maybe I won’t have to kill myself.”

And that's how we know she's a samurai, that she wants to kill herself after a defeat. I liked the way this fight turned out, and Emerald's feelings for Morn Dread are fun too.

Gee, people from all over the world come for this? Neat. Wonder how it works if an outsider wins the artifact. So we have vikings and samurai too, really all over the land. Good to have you updating again~!

interesting but since it is not complete, may i make a suggestion bag of plums

A) rarity ancestor next and B) feels like a nice trip in the animus.

very moving and sad. it seems the first mentor is home sick. speaking of the creed, when are we gonna see some Assassin's Creed action?

Beatrix... Trixie? If it is, her ancestor has the same flair for showbiz as her descendant.

The mean old druids are taking part in the tournament too? Or are they planning on stealing that shield by force?

So we have some hitherto unexplained healing from Sir Morn. They've also beaten the druids' champion, so what are they going to do now? I don't think they'll quit at getting the shield just because their man lost the tournament.

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