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Cinders of War

Even now there are only embers, and man sees not light, but only endless nights... - Dark Souls


"But then there was Fire. And with Fire came Disparity. Heat and Cold, life and death, and of course... Light and Dark."

Sunset Shimmer awakens in a cold and distant land, with no recollection of how she got there. Finding her way around, the girl learns of the flame she carries and how everything else in this world would kill to get it.

To escape, Sunset has to fight her way through dangerous foes and deadly beasts; beings that covet the Fire. This would be her most trying task yet.

(Sort of a Dark Souls/Bloodborne Crossover.)
This is now part of the Bloodlines Continuity.

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Thanks everyone, for making this happen!

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Interesting start. This sounds like a dark souls crossover instead of a bloodborne. I just hope your not the type to abandon or put on a long hold stories that just started. Please continue your work.

Interesting... whats the crossover of this story?

7138530 It's like a Dark Souls or Bloodborne crossover. Kind of depends how you look at it. :twilightsmile:

7138556 As long its somewhat medieval and has a dark air about it. I first thought she was in a roman city :twilightsheepish:

Keep the awesome work up! Can't wait to see another chapter. :pinkiehappy:
I f**** loved this story from the very beginning.

The city and it's inhabitants, (aside from the rats), make this sound more like a Bloodborne crossover to me, but hey, I've only read this chapter. On to the rest.

If you want I can edit these for you, some of your word choices don't make sense. Nice first chapter, I love me some soulsborne.

Haha, thanks for volunteering. It's something we can consider, but if I may ask, which parts don't make sense, if you could name a few? I'm curious.

Oh, this is out of hiatus? Right, Fall’s done. I forgot got this was in my Read It Later bin. Might to, when done with Fallout:Equestria and rereading Leap.

You combined Micolash from Bloodborne with Nicolas Cage along with characteristics and references to Ghost Rider and other various movie roles he’s done. I only have one thing to say to you....Well done my friend.

Silly Sunset. The drake sword doesn't have stat scaling.

Its a mixture of the two... As a Soulsborne fan, I gotta say I love it

Between the time of my last comment And your reply I have played Dark souls 1 and 2 and even managed to get good enough to beat bosses In one try on first encounter and my travels in the world of dark souls I have encountered many many funny situations. PC controls are hard BTW and bought my self a cheap game pad. :moustache:

Wanderer D

A more solid start than some other crossovers I've seen on the Darksouls side of things. I'd agree with other commenters on the first chapter needing some edits, especially on Sunset's immediate assumptions of her being in another world... how would she know? Anyway, this was a couple of years ago so I don't expect you to change it. However, I do feel a lot of promise from this first chapter! So I'll keep reading. :twilightsheepish:

Wanderer D

I mean, why would it be a dream if she keeps getting hurt? You don't feel pain in dreams.

Wanderer D

Hm. I'm enjoying this, but it's taking a bit of a toll, considering the lack of interactions. Although I know the game series is very, very lonely, it doesn't lend itself too well for storytelling in the sense that limiting her dialogue to reaction noises and the occasional two-word grunt, things get complicated.

Thanks for the feedback! I suppose yes, it was a little weird to have her assume it was a dream immediately. And oh, I do want to say, I do feel pain in my dreams :twilightblush:. But thanks for taking the time to point these things out to me. I'll be sure to try and work more interactions into the upcoming chapters!

You can feel lots of pain in dreams, most nightmares just aren't as vivid in terms of physical sensation. It's kind of terrible.

Oh really? Why not? It reads pretty much like a story to the rest of us.

All right - I haven't played Dark Souls (don't have a console), and I heard that while there is lore, it's fairly unintrusive to the actual game.

Having said all that, would any of you recommend that I read this story, or is knowledge of Dark Souls important enough where the lack of knowledge would be a detriment to me?

You don't? Huh... Guess I'm one of the special ones.:applejackunsure:

Hahaha, oh man, now that’s something. :rainbowlaugh: I smell it.

And so it begins....this is so freaking awesome!:pinkiehappy:

I saw the Little Nightmares reference you snuck in there.:raritywink:

Good catch. :raritywink: Our stories are actually filled with these, so it's always nice when someone finds one.

Do I need any knowledge of Dark Souls or Bloodborne to read this?

Nope! :twilightsmile: Knowledge on the games are not needed. This is just more of a crossover of elements instead of actual characters or locations.

I loved the simile "like a pair of Roman senators", haha. That is great

Wanderer D

Ah Sunny, at least you didn't say that last thing aloud.

Liking it so far, but I'm having hard time believing Sunset taking this long thinking it's still dream. She's too smart and used to magic/monsters/interdimensional-hijinx/etc. Sure it'd be shocking and scary, but she's shown to keep a cooler head than that.

The Drake Sword......

Oh no....

I have done many things. I have even stolen the Decla-”

I got a big smile from this. I get it now....

The question now is what happened to Applejack and Rarity.

Sunset encountered a few signs on the way there. Orange soapstone signs. It had been quite some time since she had last seen any and it made her wonder who had left these here.

“Woman ahead, therefore, I’m sorry…” she read the first one aloud. “What is that supposed to even mean?”

There were more on the way ahead, each one just about as cryptic as the last.

“Woman ahead, try thrust. Weakness: Rolling.”

“Boss ahead, therefore time for sadness.”

“Amazing chest ahead.”

“Be wary of liar.”

“Try holding with both hands… Huh.” Sunset still didn’t understand most of them, but she could somewhat figure just what was expecting her.

I recognize that reference!


Wanderer D

Hm. My only issue, as someone who has never read Bloodlines, is that if Sunset had experienced swordfighting to the death before, or worked with assassins... why was she so confused and holding back at the beginning of the story? I'm not complaining... even without knowing about that it didn't destroy my overall enjoyment, but it seems inconsistent and really coming out of left field.

Ok, I apologize, that’s my bad. :twilightsheepish:
I did drop a few hints about her sword skills in the earlier chapters, but then I wasn’t consistent enough with them, but yes, the plans to link this to the rest of the continuity weren’t all that solid until recently. We’ll be sure to look over our future chapters more carefully. Thanks for pointing this out! :pinkiecrazy:

Can’t wait to see what happens next :pinkiegasp:

Oh look, another Darksouls story! Most excellent, this should be an interesting read.

Well she's found a Rainbow. Perhaps not her Rainbow, but hey, any port in a storm and all that...

“I’ve got to. Besides… I can’t die, remember?”

You say that like it's a good thing...

Dying's always a bad trip, no matter how temporary it is.

Dwemer now? What a psychedelic world this is. Puts me in mind of Myst for some reason...

Strange, all of a sudden I'm reminded of Angel Beats.

She stretched her arm out to the sword in the bonfire, but before she could see any spark of flame, her consciousness drifted away, and everything went black.

Well drat. Now she has to re-do that entire section.

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