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Cinders of War

Even now there are only embers, and man sees not light, but only endless nights... - Dark Souls


This story is both a sequel and a prequel to Leap of Faith

In the aftermath of Leap of Faith, Twilight Sparkle visits the human world to close the book on several things, one of them being her study on this world. What she learns from Morning Blade will reveal not only information of the final years of the Assassins, but insight into the life of the acting Mentor, Frigid Night.

A Bag of Plums is the writer of the first story, Leap of Faith. Be sure to check it out if you haven't.

This story is in our Bloodlines Continuity.

Assassin's Creed Crossover

Chapters (111)
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Comments ( 387 )

So this is the story about how Frigid became the man he is in Leap of Faith. I hope he manages to garner more sympathy in this one, because I'm still not feeling charitable about him in Leap of Faith.

7848437 Guess I'm the minority that was sad he died. :fluttercry:
Welp, a se/pre-quel to "Leap of faith", I'm watching the other tie-ins too. :pinkiehappy:

7849087 i mean, I kinda feel sorry he died. He was trying to change, but after seeing what he's done, I dunno. Kinda conflicted. Well, I hope this story shows us the good side of that man....

Also, gosh, High Noon's really with the wrong people right now. And yaaaay~ Morning Blade!!

7852066 OK, that makes me feel kinda better. :derpytongue2:
And I guess I'm the only one who immediately thought "Undercover agent".:derpytongue2:

7852591 He did mention in Leap of Faith that he was a Templar before he came over to the Assassins.:raritywink:

7853067 Welp, that is what speed reading a story does for you a I guess. :derpytongue2: :rainbowlaugh:

So this is old Frigid. I think I like him more than Leap of Faith Frigid. Interesting mission you've got here, when does Sombra make his appearance?

Hmm. Mirror Match was playing them from the start, wasn't she? It's weird seeing her with the Assassins when we know what's coming. Good chapter. I suppose they'll be looking for a cure for Rose Petal, hm?

Mirror Match seems so sweet and innocent right now, it's hard to imagine her as the person she is later.

What a way to assassinate someone, with a car. Nice work on the Assassins' part overall, but surely the Templars aren't going to take this lying down.

Come to your senses, High Noon! I know he already does, because of Leap of Faith, but to see him playing for the wrong team... :raritycry:

Getting the feeling that High Noon's on his way to switch sides. The Wood family doesn't seem to want him around anymore. :facehoof:

Frigid really is someone else back then. Well now they know about the artifacts at least. The Templars can't use it yet!! I wonder what happens next..

We are the commenting trio for Plum's/Cinder's fics. :derpytongue2:
Back on topic...
High noon thinks he might have picked the wrong side? :derpytongue2:

So this is the debut of Pierce Network. I wonder what happened between now and The Lost Connection? Obviously he left, but for what reasons? I have a feeling Mirror Match has something to do with it.

Also, is Pierce Network based on Aiden Pearce from Watch Dogs?

This was in interesting chapter. Not much assassinating, but they got to destroy a place!
7895889 and right? He is based off Watch Dogs.

Ah, yes. High Noon's inevitable switch to the Assassins is soon at hand. It's just like the Templars to hire mercenaries to do their dirty work for them, but if they were able to kill Assassins, doesn't that make the Assassins kind of shoddy? That or they're just redshirts who have to die to illustrate just how good these mercs are. Good chapter I guess.

That was quick. The guy just got hired and he lost an eye. And skinny Wolfgang is back! :applecry: I had enough of him already. Too bad he can't die in this story eh?

7900646 I know right, I hated/hate Wolfgang. :twilightangry2:

Overwatch reference in the title. Other than that, High Noon's not exactly been inducted to the Assassins, but I imagine he's getting real close to changing sides. Though really, neither side is being particularly friendly to him.

Is Mahogany Wood planning to kill High Noon now? They don't need him and surely they would think that him getting caught is bad as he could leak their plans out.

Templars be bringing in some more hired help. Since none but Wolfgang show up in Leap of Faith, I'm guessing the Assassins do away with them in this story? And When is High Noon going to wise up and realize the Assassins are the winning team?

I'm just waiting to see when High Noon and Mirror Match decides to turn sides now. What happened?? I mean for High Noon, I guess he just goes on over, but for Mirror it mustn't be easy to just change sides.


7913899 I disagree. I think it'll be much easier for Mirror Match to swap sides than High Noon. High Noon's on a slow and painful process of realizing he's on the wrong side for his ideals, but Mirror? Mirror's been out for herself since the beginning, and is going to defect once the Templars become more appealing to accomplishing her goals.

I'm personally thinking that Pierce needs to get a life. :rainbowlaugh:

7914245 oh sorry. I wasn't clear. What I was trying to say is that the Templars must not have trusted her first, so she might have to prove herself or something. That might take some work or a lot.


7916365 Oh, I see. Yeah, you're probably right about that. Though I imagine if she kills a few Assassins she'll be in the Templars' good graces.

So High Noon got drunk and ended up in Appleloosa? And the Assassins already bumped off one of the killers. I guess that none but Wolfgang survive this.

There goes a killer. She just showed up too. At least High Noon's safe for now.

Good ol sabotage missions. Reminds me of the mission in AC3 where you throw the tea off the ship. These Assassins really have a wide array of weaponry, it's like in Unity where you can pick your own weapon. Nice chapter, and we'll see about assassinating Redwood next, right?

Assassins stealing stuff. Then again, they aren't exactly the good guys, so... hehe.:ajsmug: Looking forward to the assassination.

“By the way, Mirror,” Frigid asked, curious of her abilities. “How are you so good at copying things?”
“Practice,” was all his partner said.

No, it's because you're a f:yay:king changeling.

End of act 1 already? Well, I see the Woods are just dying to Frigid and others. I look forward to act 2!! I wonder what happens next...

Okay, I think I need clarification on something. In relation to The Lost Connection, Leap of Faith, and A Rift Between Worlds, where does this story sit in the timeline? Come to think of it, is there an existing timeline for these stories? I'd like to see it.

Poor High Noon. He just can't seem to catch a break can he? Sad for him...And Frigid, is Mirror already evil? I mean wow, they seem like normal kids now. Looking forward to the next~!!

7960239 Well, let's see here. Leap of Faith takes place first. A Long Way to Fall takes place after Leap, still in the winter holidays, but the story Morning is telling Twilight takes place 11 years - 2 years before Leap. A Rift Between Worlds takes place after Leap and after the winter holidays and Lost Connection takes place during Rift.

Hope that makes sense. As for existing timeline, we don't actually have one yet, but we did have plans on making one. It just hasn't been done yet.

7960345 Oh, ok. Thanks for helping to clear that up. I think I see now.

And here we finally have High Noon joining the Assassins. About time. Was Ebony Wings in the movie, by any chance?

Pierce sure was active in the day. A thing I like about these stories is that they all take place at different times, but we get to see the same characters.

Also, Frigid and Mirror are so normal now. Wow.

High Noon. He's in a bit of a sticky situation. We know he survives until Leap of Faith, but right now he's in a real spot of trouble. The Assassins will probably help him out.

At least we know he survives, so we have nothing to worry about right? :rainbowkiss: awaiting the next bit!

Another one of the Woods bites the dust. How many more siblings does Mahogany have? He won't have many by the time this story is over, I don't think. Still waiting for Mirror Match to change sides. That'll probably be the next big plot point, seeing as how much he likes her.:rainbowkiss:

A shame for the Assassins to lose one, but at least they got Ash. Well done, High Noon. He's gotten a place among them now, right? Frigid seems to be accepting now. That was fast.

Comment posted by sunset is the assassin deleted Jul 2nd, 2017

oh...one more thing. i've noticed that "long way to fall", "the lost connection", as well as "age of kings" haven't been updated in months. you guys have been online but haven't been updating. what's with that? is it writers block? if it is i find that acting out the story you already have (like daydreaming) helps a lot. it might not work for you guys because you're not autistic (at least, i don't think you are). but you could try it. you never know. it might help tremendously! :)

Comment posted by sunset is the assassin deleted Jul 2nd, 2017

hey everyone!!! i'm new here and i really enjoyed reading this story...well for the most part anyways. i'm kinda an expert on Assassin's Creed lore (sort of; there's still a lot for me to learn). as well as the morality of the game. (after almost a year of looking online, i have come to the conclusion that no one, not even the makers of the game, understand the phrase "nothing is true. everything is permitted" like i do). as such, i feel kind of alone in the world. BUT!!!! i have a proposition for "a bag of plums" and "cinders of war". i would like to rewrite "leap of faith". or rather create a new story with the same characters, following a similar timeline, but with a new context, sort of. i've already written 6+ chapters of this new story and want to wait until i have permission from "a bag of plums" before posting. i don't want to be a dick, that's why i'm waiting; i'm afraid that it would violate copyright laws or something becuase this rewrite literally takes place in almost the EXACT same universe as the original, and also uses all the same OC's. i have read "a bag of plum"s stories and feel that while they're good, i can make them better. more complex too. "cinders of war", i want you to show this comment to "a bag of plums" as soon as possible. just tell them to just respond to this comment when they have an answer because i don't quite understand how the personal messaging thing works yet and i'm fairly afraid of trying new things. i hope you will allow me to post the rewrite. i'll be really happy if you do. i'm almost obsessed with Assassin's Creed and fairly enjoy MLP too, so it will be a dream come true if you would except my proposition. i eagerly await a response.

oh. by the way, if you haven't caught on yet with me sounding a little bit like an asshole just then. i have autism. in particular, i have Aspergers Syndrome. so, if i sounded like an ass back there i apologize, as such was not my intention. i'm just really honest.


Glad to see this updated. I don't remember everyone's appearance too well since it's been a while, so when Satin walked into the Bureau I assumed it was Morning Blade. Her brief snipping with Twilight led me to that for some reason.

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