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Cinders of War

Even now there are only embers, and man sees not light, but only endless nights... - Dark Souls


After learning that Equestria and the human world could come under threat from an old adversary, Princess Celestia must reawaken ancient powers to stop the advancing enemy. Friendship from one world alone would not be enough to stop the growing power, so she looks to the human world for help, hoping that the combined power of both worlds would have what it takes to take down the enemy once and for all.

It's Home Run's first day at Canterlot High School, having just moved over from Fillydelphia after the winter break. Before he can start things right, the baseball player is dragged into a whole new world, filled with aliens, guns, blades, and robotic suits. Trying to make sense of the events unfolding around him, Home Run soon comes into contact with Sunset Shimmer and the girls and even Princess Celestia herself. Will he be able to overcome the alien forces, or will the world forever change?

This story takes place in our Bloodlines Continuity.

Warframe Crossover

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Ohh~ Now I am interested where this goes

Now I'm intrigued. I want to see more!!

hmm. something about these characters seems familiar...but that's the only thing I know for real.

this is kind of fun so far though, I want to see what happens next

so what guess is humans vs ponies and human ponies. :trixieshiftleft: interesting

When Vor threw that engineer out the airlock, I half expected for the story to jump cut to a poor pony on equis nearly getting hit by his body XD

5912136 That would have been something. Good idea. :rainbowlaugh: Maybe it'll happen sometime later, perhaps.

“Come with me if you want to live!” she beckoned.

Twilight is a terminator :pinkiecrazy:

Great kid, you dun fucked up.

Comment posted by Cinders of War deleted May 9th, 2015

Could we have the names of the tenno talking when they speak like

5959337 Alright, I'll see what I can do, but just in case it doesn't work too well, the Tenno talking is the one partnered with whoever was talking before.
Example: If Applejack was the last one to say something, then Rhino would be the Tenno talking.

.............. God, worst fighters EVER, grineer are nothing no matter the level they are as long as you got the mods and weapons for it.

Sundown....Jetstream........... Hmmmmm..... Why does that sound familiar...... Jetstream....Sam?

*stumbles across fic* *looks at story art*

Rainbow Dash as Zephyr? I can dig it. Fluttershy as Trinity? Ok, good so far. Applejack as Rhino? I could see that. Twilight as Nyx? Can't really argue with that. Sunset Ember? Pinkie Mirage? ...I'm okay with this. Rarity as Mag? *raises finger in thought, then quickly lowers it*. Well, I guess you could say she's always fashioned herself an attractive sort? Bad puns aside, you sir (or madam, just to be safe), have intrigued me with the story image, and will be giving this story a shot.

EDIT: Well, that was an interesting ride. Looking forward to more.

Well, thanks for reading it! And nice pun, but we mainly chose Mag for her because of the generous abilities of shield polarize and bullet attractor. And partially from the magnet scene in Rainbow Rocks. Haha, so you weren't too far from that! We're actually on a break now (For other things to catch up, mainly), so it'll take some time for part 2 to show up. :pinkiehappy: Thanks again for reading though!

hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype hype

Oh hell yes!! What's ur username on Warframe?

Hey cool, this fic isn't dead yet! But in what way is this connected to the other achievements?

6797390 Well......... I don't think I can say much at this point, but I can say this:
The pieces will come together as we move along. :pinkiecrazy: :twilightsheepish: (Sounds obvious, though. Haha.)
Also, the achievement titles usually have a bunch of hidden meanings to them.

Plums can probably give you a better (or more concealed) answer than I.

Lightning and Rose walked up to the two. “I guess I should thank you for not starting on your own and showing off to everyone, huh?”

Jetstream put a hand to his chin and raised an eyebrow. “Heh, well not if you say it like that…”

“For a big show off, you’re not very good at your job,” Lightning smirked.

“Well, your sister is the big payoff,” Jetstream countered with his own smile.

Lightning Dust shook her head and let out a little laugh as she crossed her arms. Rose clung to Lightning Rain’s sleeve, unsure of what was about to happen.

“Excuse me?” Lightning took a defensive step forward.

“Forget it,” Jetstream waved both his hands in front of him. “You’ve heard enough from my mouth already. Dancing will decide who’s better. End of story.”

Lightning Rain looked to Rose, his red haired partner nodding in agreement with him. Lightning turned back to Jetstream and pointed to the dance floor with his head before heading in that direction. Jetstream gave another huge smile and followed, Lightning Dust doing the same.

“I don’t care who’s better,” Lightning said over the music as the DJ started playing the beat. “And I’ve got cause enough for competing with you.”

“What?” Jetstream struggled to hear, but eventually got what Lightning had said. “Oh good. Ha ha. Why, that’s very good! Yes. I like that!”

The other Winds saw them walking to the center and joined them, Sundown wanting to make sure they weren’t going to start a fight in the middle of the dance.

“Woah, you two look serious!” Heavy smiled, pulling out his phone to take some pictures. “Looks like this is going to be some dance!”

“Must you two really dance like this?” Sundown asked, shaking his head at their competitive glares.

“Don’t interfere,” Lightning raised a hand to ask him to stop as he and Rose stopped in the center.

Jetstream and Lightning Dust walked a few meters ahead of Lightning Rain and Rose before turning back to face them. “This is between us!”

Both parties got into dancing positions, ready to duke it out. Roseluck was happy enough to be able to dance with Lightning Rain, while the two baseball players stared at each other for a good forty seconds.

“This ends here, Jets,” Lightning muttered under his breath.

Seeing both of them were ready, Jetstream pulled out a rose and stuck it in between his teeth for added effect. “Okay. Let’s dance!”

did you name him Jetstream for that reference

6863557 Well, no. We named him Jetstream for the character type. Just so happens that one scene came to mind while I was doing that part, so... yeah. :rainbowlaugh: You know the rest.

So... Question how much deviation from the current lore are we going to get?

6871154 Maybe celestia herself dosn't know the truth?

6871154 Well, from what I can say for now, we don't have things like the Sentient, plus our Lotus is a pony. So yeah! :eeyup:

Give them Jagers! Then they can stomp that Stalker!

Frag, the Commander is taking things into his own hands!

I expected a Operator in the pod :\ Don't know how there could be one, but I expected at least a piloted Frame trying to choke-out RD ffor being so close to the pod as it awoke.....

“Plenty! And besides, Heavy Wind shows me a lot of robots on that phone of his. One of them even looks kind of like Sundown, only it’s got explosive armor and stuff.”


you cheeky bastard

“There is no Stardust,” the pony replied flatly as she readied her wing lasers again. “There is only Duality.”

She fired again, but Princess Celestia projected a magical barrier with her horn, keeping the weapons at bay. “Girls! You… must stop her! She cannot get the pod!”

this popped up in my head.

I'm calling that Celestia's Lotus.

Is Home Run a young 10 year old boy, or is he like a 16 year old teen? I am a little confused on the aging here in this story.

(P.S. Awesome story!)

7156228 Haha! Well, we don't exactly specify the age, but it's high school.

(Did I make it feel like he was a young kid? :rainbowderp:)

7156474 You kind of do make it feel like Home Run is a little kid. But I don't really care. It sounds kind of cool to me.

7157769 Alright. Well, thanks for the follow and the tip! I'll be sure to at least make him seem 16 or older. Though, yeah. Some people don't grow up as fast. Haha! I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the input again.

7158291 Altrighty then! Btw heres a dark souls location name for you! (in response to your recent blog)

"The Cathedral of Darkness"

Is it time for the Acolytes? Perhaps Malice or Violence to combat the Tenno...

Hopefully we either get the acolytes or somehow have Rathuum. It would be nice to see the arena based missions be mentioned here

Ohhhh CRUD! Stalker's getting Acolytes!

I keep thinking,how are they having trouble with the stalker,then I remember Breeding Grounds.

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