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This group is made for stories set in the world of Pandemic created by ASGeek2012.

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Gotta say
This Universe is one of my favorites to watch!
I love the idea of taking transformation and going above and beyond with it
sadly sunset gets killed on day zero of this universe but thats where imagination comes into play

yo hi guys im new i hope we can get out of it together

Comment posted by TikiBat deleted Jun 12th, 2019

New canon story coming Soon™.

Pandemic: Mixed Blessings.

I has new Pandemic story in the oven! It's in Texas, and is set about the time Pandemic: What You Were Meant to Be ends.

Well lets hope we don't have to wait too long for the sequel.

I've got ideas, but I'm working on my current stories first for the moment.

I hope a new story appear soon...

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