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Pretty late to the fandom, but no less eager to write.

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Home or Hearth cover art, feedbacked version! · 11:48pm Feb 1st, 2018

Version 2 of Home or Hearth's cover, now 20% cooler. Special thanks go to The Wind King for the feedback!

Now to get back to finishing the next chapter...

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You're very welcome, and likewise.

Thanks for your comments. They inspiring very good discussions :twilightsmile:

She does indeed. Her name is Starforge, an earth pony mare born in Canterlot, who took being told casting spells was a unicorn thing as a challenge, and went on to discover her special talent in making magical items, enroling into Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns and becoming an artificer. She still lives in Canterlot, making all manner of magical items for her customers.

Hey there, thanks for the follow! :twilightsmile:

Edit: By the way, I love your avatar/OC! Does the pretty mare have a name?

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