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Hello everypony!

This is a group for stories oriented around Politics anywhere in the MLP: universe. From grand court intrigues in Canterlot Castle, to Equestrian civil war, to days in the life of Mayor Mare: this group seeks to put together a nice compendium for those who like their politics ponified. Or their ponies politicized. Or something.

Anyways, enjoy!


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I've recently had a story I'm writing be approved to FiMFiction after admittedly quite a long time. I'm writing an MLP fanfiction inspired by House of Cards, and I figured it would be appropriate to ask if I could add it to this group's collection? Regardless, I'm quite interested in politics, so this is a site I'm sure I'm going to enjoy.

Since my most recent story features an ambassador going about his business, this seems like a good place to share that.

It appears as though my story has been posted to this group without my knowledge. Not a bad thing in the slightest, mind you, just nice to see!

If you're into intrigue and suspense with a little bit of history thrown in, you might enjoy my latest project: Monarch. It's not meant as a political story (which is mainly why I was confused about its inclusion), but hopefully you enjoy it nonetheless.

Golly, what an easy joining. Certainly smoother and problemless... er than that of other secret/elite societies.

Anyways, since I freshly joined I thought it polite to leave a public greeting for the entire group. I hope we get along well and I will be of some use, since one foot washes the other or however that saying goes.
Well, anyway, that's it for now. I don't really have any stories to advertise yet, but do not fret for I will most certainly annoy you with anything my pen hurled on a piece of paper sooner or later (golly, that rhymes!)

with (indecorously) cheery greetings,

I added a changeling fic to the 'International Relations' folder, but I'm not sure if it really counts. I think it does, sort of, but it's in a bit of a grey area. It's about a changeling put on trial, and then gets into a debate about the nature of a civilisation, whether or not changelings count as one, and whether or not this means they have certain fundamental rights.

The political aspect of it isn't as big as the moral aspect of it, so I'm not sure if this one belongs or not. Anyway, it's up for anyone to see, if there are objections it can be removed.

I have several stories based on politcal allegories

PLR: Pony Liberation and Resistance
PLR: The Beginning
PLR: Union of Soviet Equestrian States

Basically it's an allegory for the Soviet Union... enjoy them

Um, so I added one of my fics. I think it fits (it is a satire of political extremism and the coercion of government). I'm sorry if I was wrong?

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