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This group is the place to explore and speculate about the back-story of Equestria.

What was life like before Equestria? What did the Hearth Warming Eve story gloss over? Where did the alicorns come from? What adventures did Star Swirl the Bearded have? What was Celestia's conflict with Nightmare Moon really like? What really happened during Discord's reign? How might G1-G3 ponies possibly fit into this history? These questions and many more are fair game.

Stories should take place in the past, or involve time travel to or from past eras, or reveal some significant secrets about past events (i.e. more than a mere mention or two in passing).

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Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted March 16th

I'm not really sure how stories get accepted into groups. Here's the link to a couple of my stories that take place in ancient times. The first one, Helping Ponies, is complete. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/382037/helping-ponies
The second one is titled Building Ponies and is currently on-going.

I'm really glad I found this group.
I have my own really big interpretation of Eqestria history... bt at least for now i woldn't post it here... first of all I'm not good at writing in english, so they are iny my language - Polish - and secondly... there are still some gapes to fill(I mean its over 12000 years of history, but some periods are without any significant event yet...). Well actually I wonder... short story (just an oneshot, ane very short one - less than 2k words) about fall of the Crystall Empire... well some important aspect of this event... does count to the gruop topic? This story is almost ready... and maybe will be my first story to be translated...
Anyway I more wonder... are here any stories about Celestia and Luna alicornization? (I mean how they become alicorns) I'm still figuring out what they great princess worth deed could be...

Right... I put my work The Ballad of Hearthswarming in the canon based history folder. Read if you like poetry. Yes, it is a poem. Yes, it is a ballad. :yay: It isn't complete just yet... but that's ok... right?

This looks like a cool group to join. I should explain that my fic does actually have some detailed accounts of an era in Equestria's history, since on the surface a crossover fic titled Batmare Begins probably doesn't sound like it has anything in the way of history in it. Well, there's actually quite a bit of my head canon scattered throughout the story so far, most notably in Chapter 5: Ascent, where a very detailed account of the Crystal Empire and Sombra's rise and fall, along with some lesser detailed recounting of the Alicorn Sisters' ascent and early years in power, is given. I won't say any more since I wouldn't want to spoil anything, but I just wanted to clarify that, yes, I'm not breaking this group's rules in adding my fic. Hope any who take a look at it enjoy it! :twilightsmile:

354487 I think that may very well be the smartest and story inviting headcanon I have ever heard. Quite serious.

354467 The Sisters history. My head canon is strange.
I think Princess Celestia was born with her wings showing, but her horn grew out of her head as she got older.
Princess Luna was born with her horn showing, but her wings grew out as she became older.
Also I believe that Celestia's and Luna's parents were earth ponies.

I always thought, that next generation of nature born Aliacorns were Pound and Pumpkin Cake. Pounds horn just has not pop out just yet. and Pumpkin's wings are just under her skin.

354271 That sounds cool and nice picture I love the civil war history. I am a big fan of the hearth's warming era of MLP history. the big question is where did the royal sisters come from see they are not mentioned in the hearth warming eve episode but I guess that's all up to head cannon for now.:twilightsmile:

354065 Well, in the MLP canon the sister and Sombra.

Personal canon The War of Pegasus Aggression.

354065 Are we taking MLP canon or personal hear canon?

354038 hey nice to meet you my name is John you have a favorite time in equestrian history?:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Sinister Voice deleted Mar 10th, 2014

Hello I am new here, I am big fan of history in its self which is one of the driving forces why I love equestrian history. Nice to meet you all.:twilightsmile:

Question for the Admins: My fanfic sires "The Gathering Storm" dose delve deep into Equestria's history...well my interpretation of it's history. But it doesn't kick in until part 5, the part I'm writing at the moment.

Would it be okay to submit parts 1-4 for people to get a look at the fic first because I don't want to summit a fic with the title "The Gathering Storm Part 5: Descent into Darkness," That would just be silly.

If you want to know more about the sires and the history I'm going to cover/makeup ask me or find out for yourself :twilightsmile:


I'd recommend "Bedtime stories" (http://www.fimfiction.net/story/129594/). This fic explores how history becomes legend, and how legends change over time.

Equestria: A History Revealed

It's written in-character in the style of an essay, and some hilariously ridiculous theories on Equestrian history are made by its arrogant, conspiracy-obsessed, racist author. It covers every aspect of Equestria, from the birth of the nation to the rule of Celestia (and hopefully up to Princess Twilight).

Hey there guys. I just joined and figured I'd post a link to the fan-fic I'm working on called Dragon and the Amulet.

I don't have a lot done and the chapters will in fact take place in modern Equestria but I do have three prologues planned that all take place in the past so if you want to check it then the link is above.

hello, I just added Spike the Knight in the main folder
it does not focus directly on past events but...
Spike gets involved with an organisation that dates back to before the time of Celestia and Luna, he learns bits and pieces about the organisation but it is not a focal point of the story, there are some chapters dedicated to set organization but, as of now they are not written yet.I know this is kind of stretching the requirements of the group, so I wouldn't be upset if an admin chooses to remove the story

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