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The Dimension Diver

I have been all over many places, from fantasy worlds to future worlds, but there is one constant which remains. I love writing. I also love MLP, Dr. Who and Warhammer 40k. Must...write...many things!


Hark! Everypony gather 'round
To hear the bitter tale
Of times before the Princess hurled
The sun about the weary world
Upon a winded sail.

This be the volume of the lore
All spun in metered rhyme;
Of heroes in the nights before
The current track of time.

When Winidigoes would walk the world
And set to freeze it stale,
The warmth of friendship, yet unknown,
Its light upon this era shone
To halt the frozen tide alone:
This is those heroes' tale.

Candy Twinkle here be my looker - over, so thanks to her!

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Ok, so the ballad of the snow isn't here yet. That doesn't mean I'm dead, just...delayed. I been doing more reading than writing, and I just got Legends of Zelda (Ocarina of time) for my gamecube system, and I am addicted. So it might be a little bit. For the thirty six of you who seen this, thanks for being patient.:yay:

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