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Standing on the Withers of Alicorns: The Science of My Little Pony

Hello! I’m Pineta. Welcome to my lab. This is where I experiment with new ways to communicate science using ponies and engineer mutant hybrid stories which defy classification as fiction or non-fiction. Please take a look around. You are encouraged to participate in the experiments by reading, rating and commenting.

At good place to start is: The Art of Rainbow Engineering. If you want something short and sweet try: Domestic Rock Science. If you’re ready for something more advanced try: Rock Farms and Nuclear Reactors, or Time on Their Hooves. I have also written a collection of pony newspaper front pages: Breaking News and Weather, which got me into the RCL, and my most popular story: The Brightest and the Best.

I aim to maintain an awesome blog on everything science, pony and fiction related. A few of the best bits are:

Physics Highlight of Rainbow Rocks
It's About Time Dilation
Pinkie Pie guide to Irrational and Transcendental Numbers
Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie attack Pony Princess Doll Marketing

See also the Full Index.

Twilight Sparkle is Best Pony. Rainbow Dash gets a special mention as you can’t get much more awesome than a sonic rainboom. And a big hug to Pinkie Pie, who taught me how to explain complex scientific topics in a way which everyone can understand, and occasionally writes guest posts for my blog.

In the real world, I build kit for particle physics experiments and teach math and physics to university students. I have a PhD in astroparticle physics. I’m based in England, but love to travel and make friends around the world.

Some of my science-themed stories

  • The Art of Rainbow Engineering Can you make a rainbow just with sunlight and water? by Pineta 5,205 words · 7,066 views · 637 likes · 10 dislikes
  • Rock Farms and Nuclear Reactors Pinkie Pie shows Twilight Sparkle how to generate energy the earth pony way. Twilight has concerns about long term safety. by Pineta 11,733 words · 7,179 views · 768 likes · 18 dislikes
  • Rainbooms and Rationality Following Twilight Sparkle's explanation of the scientific method, Diamond Tiara says the sonic rainboom is a scientific phenomenon. Scootaloo insists it is magic. The Ponyville schoolhouse is the scene for an unprecedented intellectual dispute. by Pineta 5,956 words · 2,586 views · 232 likes · 4 dislikes
  • The Art of Eclipse Engineering Luna engineers a total solar eclipse. by Pineta 1,841 words · 1,752 views · 202 likes · 3 dislikes
  • Time on Their Hooves How do you tell the time when you can’t trust the sun or moon? Doctor Hooves tells the Cutie Mark Crusaders a tale of Equestria from the time before Luna’s exile about the sacred duty of the Order of the Time Turners. by Pineta 32,201 words · 1,303 views · 112 likes · 2 dislikes

What’s in a pony’s name? · 9:19pm Tuesday

Any readers of the New Scientist Feedback column will likely be familiar with the concept of Nominative Determinism—the idea that some authors, consciously or not, gravitate to a professional area which in some way matches their name. While the academic value of this theory is limited—although apparently some studies have done enough robust analysis to conclude that this is a genuine effect, and not just the result of

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No, I missed that, thanks for the tip-off. Unfortunately I don't think I can fit in a trip up to Scotland this weekend.

As it's the sort of thing that you sometimes blog about, do you know that it's national unicorn day this Sunday in Scotland?

How far is the L4 Earth-Sun Lagrange point from Earth? Let's say that Equiis is a simi.... nevermind, I'll just look up the formula.

Very cool. I think I've directed a few readers to mylittleconomy over time. Good to see it also works the other way.

you're the science version of my little economy, and now I'm following you.

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