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A pony's heart lies not inside her chest,
but in the words in which she is expressed.

our poetry, in
any form or meter, speaks
to that connection.

If notions of equines in poems appeal,
then join us to read and to write;
with couplets and haiku and ballads and free verse
(and more!) we will strive for the light.

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Maybe in the future I'll write one shot rhyming poems on here. I've been writing rhyming poetry for about more than 10 years. I wanna start, but I wanna read other poems from other poets here, so I can get motivated.

I think I may wanna try some poetry:twilightsmile:.

I finally found it. One Full Day was in the story Reading Rainbow by Corejo. It is written in anapestic tetrameter, sounding a bit like Dr Seuss. It was worth the search and I highly recommend it.

Help. Please :) I was looking for some poetry to re-read and can't find it in my collection. It was about a half a pony who lived in half a house, the other half not existing, leaving his bedroom open to the elements. While walking home he passed a mare (in a field?) and tried to woo her but she rejected him because his life was incomplete (she couldn't live in the half a house for example). He tried to change to please her and I don't recall how it ends up. IIRC, it was very poetic but tended a bit towards prose. It may have been in an anthology or inside a story.

I would very much appreciate if you could help me find this story again. I've skimmed my collection and the titles in this group's folders, but nothing jumped out at me. I'll keep looking, but please help if you can.

Greetings, I guess my OC's name says it all, poetry has always been a big part of my life, though I must admit, I never wrote any poetry involving MLP:FiM before, well, this poet is not afraid to give it a try, I just hope I can "measure" up... *groan*...

379133 Sure, just put it in. Poetry can be in any form (there's some very prose-y type poems in this world).

Is it okay to post stories that are in prose but that have a very poetic, florid style?

I have a story for the poems within stories folder! My story, foslsitter

Hi, any and all.
I just joined as I heard of the group.
Not sure if I will manage any story in the format.
I have a few poems in my blogs though.

354990 Of course, if you want to put it in the Champions folder, feel free to.

Is it possible to nominate horizon's Melt for the champion's folder?

I strongly hold the notion that it is an exceptional work deserving the accolade of that otherwise destitute folder

349120 As long as there's poetry in it, it counts. Poetry is poetry, no matter what length. One of mine literally has four lines of a poem, but many different stories within it. Just go for it.

Welcome to the group.

Glad I found this group, looking forward to reading the pieces within. Additionally, how much poetry is required in a story to be submitted in the folder "Stories that include a poem"? Mine is rather lengthy at 125k words but I have some short poem's appearing in the chapters now and then, and thinking of going back and adding more.

345831 Just asking's good enough, although you can put it in a folder if you wish. The folders are there to show off your work, and promote the poetry in one place. I'll quite happily look at it when I have time. Hope to see you around here.

346803 Afraid not. I believe fimfiction's rule for 1000 words still stands for poetry as well. You can however create a large collection of them and post them once your total has reached 1000.

Does anyone know what Fimfiction's rules are on poetry? Am I allowed to submit poems that don;t meet the fanfiction word count minimum?

Hello everybody,

I spotted this group a few days ago while reading the Pony Poetry Compilation, and decided to check it out, and eventually join.
Now, I would very much like to ask everybody for some feedback on my own attempts at poetry with my Sisters' Coronet, though I am not entirely sure how to go about that. Should I just place it in the appropriate folder, or does this group have any kind of moderator for that kind of task?

344226 Thanks, and welcome to the group.

I saw somebody put my story in this group, so I decided to check it out. Cool place you've got here.

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