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Review Roundup: November 6th - December 1st · 12:29am Dec 6th, 2017

It's December, and that means it's time to put on your Christmas hats! Join all the cool kids in doing so, if you find it to be a low-effort way to interact with the community and to generally have a little seasonal fun. Or don't, if you find the avatar hats affectatious and juvenile. Your call, but personally? I think they're a cool little tradition. Plus, it's one of TD's most lasting contributions to the fandom, and I think

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Are you doing the sequel collab? We're talking about making Carrot Top one of the leads.

Well, at least you didn't hate my story. What's weird is that EQD rejected the written version of my story, but accepted the reading version. (Shrugs)
Thanks for reading it just the same.

Thank you for reviewing Rarity and the Rhinoceros. If you do opt to read the sequel, I hope you enjoy it more.


I do try to please, at least on occasion. You're very welcome!

Thanks for reviewing my thing. I'm pleasantly surprised you didn't hate it.

  • Viewing 142 - 146 of 146
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