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A Whole Bunch of Chrisfics, Now Available in Spanish! · 1:30am January 24th

I've had several of my fanfics translated into various languages over the years, and that's always something that tickles me pink. A good translation is at least as much work as writing a good story from scratch, and tends not to get nearly the recognition; when someone enjoys something you wrote enough to put the kind of time and energy necessary to render it artfully into a second language, that's a labor of love.

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Dammit, why haven’t I followed you before?

Site Blogger

Thank you for over four years of work with the Library. I appreciate it, perhaps more than most.

Are you doing the sequel collab? We're talking about making Carrot Top one of the leads.

Well, at least you didn't hate my story. What's weird is that EQD rejected the written version of my story, but accepted the reading version. (Shrugs)
Thanks for reading it just the same.

  • Viewing 140 - 144 of 144
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