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[Generic Update Title] · 5:12pm Saturday

The last few weeks have been weird. Over the years, that M-W-F update schedule I maintained on OMPR has ingrained itself into my routine; I keep catching myself thinking "it's Tuesday, did I remember to set tomorrow's post up?" before remembering that there is no post. It's a sad feeling, often, but also strangely relaxing; my blog never really felt like a chore, but it was still something that took up a lot of my mental energy. Having that freed up has been a blessed relief at

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Thank you for over four years of work with the Library. I appreciate it, perhaps more than most.

Are you doing the sequel collab? We're talking about making Carrot Top one of the leads.

Well, at least you didn't hate my story. What's weird is that EQD rejected the written version of my story, but accepted the reading version. (Shrugs)
Thanks for reading it just the same.

Thank you for reviewing Rarity and the Rhinoceros. If you do opt to read the sequel, I hope you enjoy it more.


I do try to please, at least on occasion. You're very welcome!

  • Viewing 143 - 147 of 147
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