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Why 'Inquisitor'? Because 'Forty two': the most important lesson I ever learned. Any answer is worthless until you have the right question. Author, editor, critic, but foremost, a philosopher.

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My Main Stories

  • Shades of Grey Luna and Rarity, with the help of a few of Celestia's elite guards, must fight to make peace with themselves before they can make peace with the past, and Rarity must learn to overcome the harshest enemy she has ever faced: Herself. by Inquisitor M 107,005 words · 1,922 views · 107 likes · 7 dislikes
  • Bitter-Sweetie With her final breaths, Twilight discovers some unexpected truths, and that some friendships will last forever. by Inquisitor M 7,184 words · 4,324 views · 152 likes · 18 dislikes
  • Every Mare Needs Her Stallion A new, confident Fluttershy has a secret, and Rarity isn't above using a few tricks to find out what it is. by Inquisitor M 7,967 words · 9,900 views · 347 likes · 41 dislikes
  • The Boy Who Cried Wolf Everyone knows the old fable, but deep in the past, in the lands beyond the fledgeling Equestria, one pony took a very special interest in its origin. Now that she tracked it to its source, she has a plan, and all she needs is wit and word. by Inquisitor M 4,453 words · 4,213 views · 208 likes · 3 dislikes
  • Three Solos, One Cadence Cadance, Discord, and Fluttershy set off in search of something buried in the frozen north. But it's going to take teamwork to find it, and it's not the Princess of Love or the Lord of Chaos that are holding all the cards. by Inquisitor M 9,512 words · 1,999 views · 147 likes · 6 dislikes

Other Stories

  • Eclipsed When darkness and despair comes to claim you, it doesn't matter what you fight for so long as you fight for something that matters. by Inquisitor M 1,124 words · 1,235 views · 93 likes · 1 dislikes
  • Movements of Fire and Shadow A pony very close to Luna notices that she's been sneaking off after nightfall for some time. When that pony has all the tact of a battleship, the only thing for sure is that things are about to get heated. by Inquisitor M 5,310 words · 2,664 views · 228 likes · 7 dislikes
  • I, Paladin The reformed Luna stands strong among trusted fellows that laugh, and grow, and bleed alongside her. They are all flawed, and they are all hopeful, but they are equal. They are Paladins: One path. One destiny. One whole heap of trouble for Luna. by Inquisitor M 6,184 words · 368 views · 25 likes · 1 dislikes
  • Pride It should have been a simple raid on the ponies’ livestock, but they had prepared some kind of ambush. There had to be some reason he had been spared, and whatever that reason was, he would probably need all his strength to face it. by Inquisitor M 12,570 words · 1,377 views · 73 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Empty Sometimes the words ring hollow. Sometimes the ritual feels shallow. Sometimes it's hard to tell if the gifts we are given are from the heart. But sometimes, actions betray our feelings with a power that neither word nor ritual can capture. by Inquisitor M 1,056 words · 449 views · 50 likes · 0 dislikes

Suggested Stories

  • The Railway Ponies: Highball Steel doesn’t worry about a colt’s well-being. Railroad cars don’t have much concern for the bodies of ponies. But, despite the dangers, I wanted to be a railway pony. I wanted to be like Highball. by The Descendant 24,440 words · 2,179 views · 283 likes · 2 dislikes
  • The New Crop With the Apple family deep in debt, Big Mac climbs into the ring once again to save the farm. Now all that’s between him and the two-thousand-bit winner’s purse is some unicorn named Blueblood. Things are about to get ugly. by xjuggernaughtx 15,885 words · 1,203 views · 173 likes · 6 dislikes
  • Queen of Queens Chrysalis strives to be remembered. by JawJoe 15,000 words · 3,496 views · 363 likes · 11 dislikes
  • A Diamond and a Tether Of all the birthday presents Lucy expected, a pink talking pony was not one of them. by PatchworkPoltergeist 13,294 words · 2,342 views · 289 likes · 2 dislikes

New Directions · 9:13pm July 29th

I could do the whole 'here's my update' skit, but to be quite frank, I'm just going to ask for clicks. The long and the short of it is that medication is working out very well, I have a job lined up through a special back-to-work scheme that is going well so far, and a new game is coming out in a couple of months that has finally gotten me enthused about writing again.

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2429855 Dammit, FIMFic never tells me when people post down here!

You are, of course, absolutely welcome. The learning I started with your help has become profoundly useful, even if I have no significant desire to use to to write fiction anymore. Aside from the practical value of superior language skills, it changed the way I see the challenges that lay ahead of me. I wanted to learn, and with a sizeable push, I mastered as much of the craft as I felt I wanted to. Now I have moved on, but these skills will remain with me always, an indelible testament to the power of people who just want to be better than the day before.

And you know that if you ever need a hand with anything, I'll be around... somewhere.

(Probably correcting someone's comma use abuse)

Well, look what just came in the mail!

I saw your name on the list, and dropped in to personally thank you. It's a lovely plushie, and I hope that knowing you were part of making my day/week/month/forever puts a smile on your face even a fraction as large as the one on mine.


I have no idea what I was talking about.

2019486 A year later I find my interest piqued. Perhaps I was wrong to assume you were trolling?

Why would you ask a person who has not claimed to be great why they are great? It seems weird, to me, and a little disrespectful – which is perhaps why I so quickly abandoned any hope of getting anything sensible out of you at the time. In retrospect, however, I suppose my behaviour was no more bizarre than yours.

I do not and have never considered myself great, so your question was, in fact, directed to the wrong person. I do not answer loaded questions and thus I dismissed you as a fool. To be honest, I still think you're probably a fool exactly because the question is loaded (you know, like 'Have you stopped beating your wife?' and so on). After all, wouldn't it make sense to find out if someone thinks they're great before asking then why they think they're great? Even outside of the logical minefield, it seemed somewhat lacking in charity to just assume that someone thought they were great. I mean, maybe you do have a perfectly good reason to suspect I'm a bit of a cunt – and to be fair, you'd probably be right – but it seemed odd to just assume that kind of arrogance of me. But you know... live and learn and all that.

I mean, maybe you think it's normal for people to think they're great? Hell, maybe it is normal for people to think they're great. I wouldn't know. I'm not normal. or maybe it's a cultural thing. Do you think you're great?

Comment posted by Inquisitor M deleted Dec 12th, 2016

2193134 Haven't kicked the habit of checking in yet. I don't really do anything here.

You're still here! Quiet, though.

Word on the street is that you're a shitty orange.

2020781 That's no better than saying "Neener, neener, Queue, you're wrong!". I don't think I'm the one making poor dodges here.

What's so great about you? You keep building the suspense!

2020653 And that's a poor dodge to a perfectly reasonable response. You can ask as often as you like. I have no answer for you.

2020574 That's a naive simplification of how objectivity works. All standards are subjective, but things can be objectively measured against standards.

An apple is a shitty orange, for example.

I'll ask again: What's so great about you?

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