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I don't write, so much as I perform acts of high-wire fiction without a net. I believe in narrative coincidence, the transcendent power of hopeful creativity, and the Oxford Comma.

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Ye Olde Annual BABSCon Post · 11:34pm Apr 13th, 2017

It's that time again! BABSCon is this weekend in San Francisco! Everyone interested should join our chat room on Discord. https://discord.gg/Ana2ctp We'll use that to send updates and let people meetup for meals/rides/drinks/etc.

We (writers) are having a room party again this year. Should be in a full suite this time, and plenty of drinks will be available. Keep an eye on the chat and we'll post there as soon as we know what room we're in.

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Thanks for reading my story. :heart:

2441986 lol great when I did a google search for it it brought up the wrong year, my bad LOL:rainbowhuh:

2441554 You got the wrong guy. I ran the contest. Third place was Ruirik. :-)

Congrats on the 3rd place in the Iron Author :twilightsmile:

Thanks for giving Slouching Towards Canterlot a chance! Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Viewing 86 - 90 of 90
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