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I don't write, so much as I perform acts of high-wire fiction without a net. Come watch me fall! I believe in narrative coincidence, the transcendent power of hopeful creativity, and the Oxford Comma.

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It's been a while... · 5:58am Aug 20th, 2021

So, no blogs since May of 2018. Yikes. Totally missed BABSCon and EFNW 2019. And then...

Yeah, we all know what happened next. But EFNW 2020 2021 just happened. And it worked. It felt great. Yeah, we all still had masks, and it was a new hotel, and G4 is over, but... I'm excited again. I'm going to try to get back to writing again! (Yeah, famous last words, I know.)

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You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed it! We'll be doing it again in a month or so.

Thanks for your time at Ponyfest.

How do I find my Iron Author story? I want to publish it.

Thanks for the feedback on my story. (at EFNW)


  • Viewing 97 - 101 of 101
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