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Where is episode 9? Also what's coming up. · 5:42pm Jun 19th, 2014

I can't believe I forgot to mention this.

There is currently no episode 9. There will be eventually, but because I'm weird I'm probably going to post 11 and 12 before 9 as well. However since 10 gives some big hints I might as well just outright tell you what the next three stories will be.

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Thanks for the follow!

I know this is mega late ^^ But thank you so much for watching me, i'm glad you enjoy my stories and hope you continue to!-FE:heart:

Ahnuuuuu no part 9! My ocd is acting up! Blaaargh :derpytongue2:Gtrrskslhgskl :pinkiecrazy:

1815753 Your welcome. I'm just happy my weirdness can make someone happy.

Hey I just had to say, that I became a big fan of your work, 'Twilight Kills Herself A Lot' made me laugh harder than i had this whole month, you just made one blokes crappy time a whole lot better, so thanks a lot. :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 50 - 54 of 54
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