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Did you know brains are gluten-free?


So are ponies even still popular anymore? · 4:50pm Apr 14th, 2015

New... season? What? Two episodes already out? Pretty good ones? Huh...

192 followers?! What are you guys doing? Do you enjoy following tombstones? Are you grave robbers?

Oh well... I suppose it's time to dust off this place then, you lovable scoundrels. I did say I'd never be be rid of this place, right? It's a quaint little literary cottage. I shall spruce it back up. Expect updates soon, mis amigos.

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Look at All My Crazy Ideas

Works In Progress

Fight the Power
Working On: Chapter 6
Progress: Drafting

Asphalt and Trouble
Working On: Chapter 2
Progress: Drafting (Still Re-doing Previous Chapters)

Also Working On: New stories because jeez get some variety in here, bichas.

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No they aren't, but you are

Saw in previous comments that life was hard on you and that it was difficult to find time for writing. But that was 41 weeks ago, is life easier on you by now (and if yes, can we expect updates?)

1015550 Well that's great to hear my friend, will be looking forward to your return at writing :twilightsmile:

No bother at all. After all, it is the obvious question. Answer:


Or at least, that's the long and short of it-- a substantial growth of obligations, a new job, etc. A lot of things going on meant little free time and when it came to using said free time I didn't feel very motivated to use it for writing. Obviously that's about to change, for I can never leave writing alone for too long, as this will probably be my hobby until the daisies sprout above me.

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