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[UPDATE] Why I haven't done much since the last chapter · 12:18am September 23rd

So the last chapter of Empire I've been very quiet on the writing front. This might be a concern, for those of you who have been following my blog for a while, because the last few times this happened, bad things were happing in my IRL.

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Report PrincessColumbia · 111 views · Story: My Empire of Dirt ·
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Hello, I'm Wednesday. A displeasure to meet you. 🎃

I came here to say that I find your pro-file picture intriguing...

Always did appreciate seeing a horse with a spear through its head. 💀

Hello there! Just wanted to pop by and thank you for giving my most recent story a read. I'm glad you enjoyed it enough to add it to your library :ajsmug:

Oh, no, that's the opposite of the problem I have; I'm too busy! :raritycry: Apparently I'm getting enough of an audience that is finding my "get through a suicidal-grade depression angstfic" of My Empire of Dirt to be tremendously helpful as a coping tool for their own experiences, so that's kinda my priority right now, but the only unfinished fic that I've got started and posted that I've officially "closed the book" on (if you will) is Ponification Nation, so don't worry, my changeling fics will get an update at some point.

Besides, if you like changelings, especially Chrysalis, you might want to pick up My Empire of Dirt. I don't want to spoil things too much, but you might be surprised in the next Christmas Special. :trollestia:

How are you doing? :twilightsmile: Hope your save and healthy. :pinkiesmile: Updates are welcome if your bored and might want to update a Changling story or something :raritywink:

Glad to have you aboard on Positive Ponies, friend!

  • Viewing 188 - 192 of 192
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