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I appreciate the well wishes, folks. I'm doing fine.

I had a lot of fun with pony fiction, and my archive here will definitely stay up. I'll even swing by occasionally to answer any questions or whatnot that pops up.

I've just moved on to other things.

Stay pony, pony folk...


Hope you're keeping well Hutch. We miss you.

Thank you most kindly, sir. :ajsmug:

I tend to keep the affairs of baseline, the guy in the photo on my drivers license me and my Warren Hutch identity compartmentalized, so I won't dwell on the particulars so much as say that life has been dealing me kind of a rough hand the past couple of years, a combination of loss and responsibility resulting from that loss. I've been keeping busy creatively, but sometimes the weight and wear & tear of the downer stuff kinda sucks out all my gumption. :applejackunsure:

Getting back to the ponies is a way for me to keep the embers stirred, and so I'm glad to be back. I appreciate the kind words, and am grateful to the readers like yourself out there whose days are hopefully brightened a bit as well from my stuff. :ajsmug:

Holy crap, you're not dead! Ah, dude, we missed you. Well, I missed you, anyway. You wrote my absolute favorite piece of fan fiction ever, and on the list of top fiction ever, too. I'm so glad you've not given up on pony fiction, and I hope life didn't become to much, since that's the reason given when most people leave the site.

Anywho, welcome back!

  • Viewing 89 - 93 of 93
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