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Centuries ago, Clover the Clever recorded in her personal diary the events surrounding the origins and early lives of Celestia and Luna. Now, thanks to the princesses' gracious consent and the scholarship of Twilight Sparkle, this account may now be read by modern Equestrians.

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Another story by Warren Hutch? Should be good!


Totally agree with ya there, gonna have to give this a read!

Bloody hell yes! It IS going to be goddamn good!

(If I should be so bold as a subject of said subjects. Ha ha!)

I'm not sure what's more depressing: That Twilight though that joke was funny, or that her editor thought it was a good idea to leave it in.

In any case, I love pony history, especially firsthandhoof accounts. I look forward to wherever you're going with this, especially when you get to the origin of Luna.

I'm so excited that you have another story up! I can't wait to see where this goes.

Argh new story from Warren must read!....... Later unfortunately :ajsleepy: But I should have it read by the end of the day.

You intrigue me, sir. Pray, continue.

You're an unstoppable writing machine. I envy how well and how consistently you manage to put down amazing stories.

New Warren Hutch story? Oh yes.

I like the name Castle Canter, gives a nice indication of changes and similarities through time.

She would probably again urge caution (which is indeed her answer even to choosing which relish to pour upon her portion of greens at the feasting table)

That's your answer to everything! :rainbowlaugh:

Interesting origin for Celestia, makes me really curious about where Luna comes from.

Looks like a really fun idea. I really have to start remembering to open the doc twice so one can be set to be read and the other to the footnotes:twilightblush:


Awesome, with one minor quibble:

Translator's forward:

Should be foreword.

Keep going, then. :pinkiesmile:

Not according to the spellcheck or the dictionary, I'm afraid. :twilightsheepish:
Thanks for trying to help, though. :twilightsmile:

Whoops, too hasty by half on my part. Odd that foreward throws a red dotted line. :twilightblush:
Changed it to Preface so everybody's happy.
Thanks for the correction!

2509167 *sees response, goes away and indignantly looks it up, frowns irritatedly at what he finds*
Hrrmph, fine. :ajbemused:


No, it does seem that you were correct, and that for some reason FiM Fiction doesn't acknowledge that spelling. I guess the noun foreward didn't make it into the site's pony brain. :twilightoops:

Preface works just as well and doesn't trip the spelling feature. :facehoof:

ForeWORD, not foreward. :twilightangry2:
Changed it to that, and ran out of Twilight Sparkle emotes.
Will close with a well deserved Derpy. :derpytongue2:

That foreword. :rainbowlaugh: I see what you did there.

Leave it to you to write for Twilight with literal purple prose.

Ooh, a new story from Warren and speculative pony history/headcanon? All of my yes! :twilightsmile:

Well, this goes against my own head canon, bu given how well written it is...


But Luna...? Now I'm very intrigued.

Edit: You should really consider adding this to the "Equestrian Historical Society".

Oooooh I can't wait to see where this is going! :rainbowkiss:

Feels like I'm reading A Brief History of Equestria.

Well, Brief History of Equestria is more third person in tone, vs. the first person journal style I'm using here. Plus as you'll see as this continues, our choices in "what the Hearth's Warming Play doesn't tell us" are quite different.

I tip my hat to K9TheFirst1, his story is indeed an interesting read. :twilightsmile:

Weally a cwacking good wead!

Yes, that's a more sensible phrasing. Changed it. :twilightsheepish:

***** Translator's Mentor's Hoofnote.
Twiwight, my dawling student, you weally do need to wighten up. - P.C.

Hiwawious! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Quite a good start, though I wonder what the High Monoceric equivalent of "amazon" would be. Zebra warrior mares?

Celestia sure was huggy at first. As well as adorable and just a little scary with her treatment of the bars to her cell.

2524839 Was this story in any way inspired by that fic?

No, not at all. :ajsmug:

It's more inspired by my own headcanon regarding the birth of the Princesses arising from the Hearth's Warming story. :raritystarry:

The only similarity I can see is both deal with Equestrian early history and the characters as laid out in the Hearths Warming episode, and both feature a scholarly introduction by Twilight, which since she IS the scholar of the Mane Six isn't that big a fictive leap to take. :twilightsmile:

Terrifying strength, both physical and magical, and an amazingly quick learner...

But she's still a baby, and now she's going to go see Commander Hurricane. I do not see this ending well.

Very interesting - Celestia is the Fires of Harmony, made flesh! The love and friendship of the three races created one who was the complete unification of the best qualities of all three! It makes sense in a way...

Just an addition to Twilight's notes - I have a feeling that there is still a practice (although it's far from universal) of adopting second names in light of one's cutie mark even in modern Equestria. That's the only explanation for the uncannily cutie-mark referencing names held by Spitfire, the Cakes and Lyra.

I am really enjoying this story. I can't wait to see Luna arrive, or to see how they grow up.

One thing did jump out to me, there were a couple of times you had the word dairy when I think you meant diary. I only caught it because I am notoriously bad about swapping letter, especially vowels.

There was a palpable tension in the very air, o dairy,
I have been thinking much on her reply since then, o dairy.

"left hind leg was a bit shorter than the right"

Philip of Macedon, anyone?

Thanks for the correction!:twilightsmile:
Errors that can slip past the spellcheck really cheese me off. :twilightangry2:

*Grins* Getting even more interesting.

Oh yeah, Hurricane is awesome.

I gently called to Dawn and met her open, innocent gaze as I softly lit my horn.
A corona of pink flames seared my inner eye and all was white light and the peal of a trumpet the size of the world, and then all was silent and black.

Hah! You know, you really aren't supposed to look directly at the sun.

(Also, typo in that paragraph I quoted, there's an A in the text instead of what I'm assuming should be an I.)

Yeah. A used the wrong letter.
Thanks for the correction :ajsmug:

(Don't be so hard on yourself, Lady Clover. I would probably have done exactly the same thing in your horseshoes.)

Honestly, I'd imagine Twilight almost certainly did try exactly that at least once in her time as Celestia's student. Though I'm also fairly certain that Celestia is - now - more than capable of preventing any harm from coming of it. At least unless she wanted to give an over-inquisitive filly a lesson in appropriate safety precautions before investigating powerful magics. :twilightoops:

Anyway, I am really enjoying this story, and already looking forward to the next part!

Yeah, I imagine she did, and there's no conveniently hidden eye patch for eye patch emergencies when you singe your inner eye. :twilightoops::pinkiegasp:

I don't imagine a mature Celestia would let any of her little ponies "burn" themselves on her aura that way, important magical safety lesson or not. You don't hand your kid a fork to teach them about electrical outlets, after all. :twilightsmile::trollestia:

Adorable. simply adorable! I love this take on the history of the sisters

A corona of pink flames seared my inner eye and all was white light and the peal of a trumpet the size of the world, and then all was silent and black.

Why it's Gabriel!

It seems to me that, at this point, Dawn (Celestia) was an absolute innocent, so free of any negative experiences and emotions that everything she sees around her is interpreted in a positive light.

Your version of Hurricane is interesting; I occasionally like thinking of how different real people might have been compared to the version that history (filtered by centuries of propaganda and mistranslation) gives to us. The versions of your Platinum, Pansy, Clover and Hurricane are endlessly fascinating in their subtle details.

I wonder how the Earth Ponies will react to Dawn? Of all the races they are the most prone to being stubborn and perverse, after all.

A prediction: the flash of light was accidental magic released by Dawn in response to the friendship and love she was being shown.

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