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Princess Twilight loves literature, and uses her new found royal prestige to host a symposium in Ponyville.

It's all sunshine and skittles until the authors start showing up.

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"Ia. Ia. Shoobedoo Shoobedoo..."

The exact moment I lost it.

Very funny, dude. Though, I feel I missed a few jokes for not being more well-read. I got the Tarzan, Lovecraft, and of course the AK Yearling jokes, but the first guy went right over my head.

Still, a great short and sweet tale of insanity ending in eldritch abominations terrorizing Ponyville. What more could you ask for in a one-shot? :pinkiecrazy:

Hah! This was a fun little read, and being such a fan of pony-puns, the humour's very much to my tastes. Loved Glubcraft in particular. :rainbowlaugh:

You need to look yourself up some P.G. Wodehouse. There's an awesome TV series based on his "Jeeves & Wooster" stories with Hugh Laurie and Steven Fry absolutely defining the title roles. It's light screwball comedy set in 1920s thru 1950s Britian, about a dim witted but urbane gentleman and his hyper competant gentleman's gentleman. :raritywink:

Thanks, tho. I'm mighty glad you dug it. :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

4018507 Yeah, I lost it there too.

Ah poop, I was so long writing up who P G Wodehouse was, Warren b eat me too it. And more succinctly as well.

Anyway, an amusing story. The ending was wonderful. :twilightsmile:

The author wishes to inform his gentle readers that he is not and never has been secretly a pony or any other sort of odd-toed ungulate.

That's a curiously specific denial, so you're an even-toes ungulate then?

Does such a creature even exist in this world?

"Doesn't anypony in Equestria just write freakin' FICTION?"

This episode makes this story work.

Lol! I almost didn't bother to read this. Boy would that have been a mistake. Loved it. :heart:



You need to read P.G. Wodehouse immediately. At least read or watch some Jeeves and Wooster. Do it right now!

Ia! What a quaint and curious tome of forgotten lore!

No no no, that's by Edgar Allan Pony! Gah! :twilightangry2:

Lovecraft was a fan, though. :pinkiecrazy:

I'll admit, when he first came in, I thought that's who he was.

Hmmm... has anypony ever seen the two of them together? :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Over all quite amusing, although I really laughed when Rarity ended up engaged to Wodehorse.

Doesn't anypony in Equestria just write freakin' FICTION?

Evidently not. Now I'm imagining pony-Terry Pratchett in a tattered bathrobe with a pointy hat reading "AUTHHOR" in absences-of-sequins. Or as a seven-foot tall skeleton, given who shows up in every Discworld novel...

Also, this does a great job of explaining why no one in Equestria seems to know who the Mane Six are: none of them have written about it!

A great read. Thank you for it. :pinkiehappy:

4018671 Or could be a bunny like I am.


The best way to know who Wodehouse is is to read him, or nearly as good, to read the best pony pastiche of him I could find: "The Rummy Business of Old Blooey" by Cloud Wander.

While I'm at it, I might as well suggest "Whip and Wing" by Fernin as my recommended Daring Do pastiche, and "Fillystata" by adcoon as my favorite Lovecraftian crossover.

Really enjoyed this piece. With all the authors showing up, I wonder what happened if the pony version of George RR Martin showed up.


Meh. Needs more Allan Quarterhorse. (Or perhaps Horse Rider Haggard?)

perhaps simply Horse Rider H. But considering most of these authors are post turn of the century, he was simply too old to attend a symposium.

I for one lost it when H.P. started complaining about earth ponies, nice job using the real authors xenophobia in a story about all their tales being thinly disguised biographies. Would have been even better if he knew E.R. Barrels, considering they were pen pals for years. (Lovecraft and Barrows that is).

You know what, I want to read a Strong Carthorse fic now.

EDIT: Dammit, I confused Barrows with R.E. Howard again. Howard wrote Conan, not Tarzan, and Howard, not Barrows was pen pals with Lovecraft.

4018719 that's just what one of them would say! I'm on to you, ungulate!

(that, and 'moo'. But I don't think the second one is applicable right now.)

oh you :rainbowlaugh:
great story!


Well, given the conceit of this story, that all writers are parts of their own stories, I think George RR Maretin would be in jail as a mass-murdering psychopath. Admittedly, Twi would probably wrangle a temporary release for him, but still...

Great story - on the one hand, it might have been fun to see a few more authors turn up (Nagatha Christie, JRR Koltien, Dock-less Adams, Lewis Corral, Ian Foaleming, the list is endless), but on the other, that'd probably overwhelm things pretty quickly, and this selection made for a very entertaining little one-shot. And that last line... yes!:rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy::yay:

Admittedly, the AK Yearling pun doesn't work so well with the story, but that's the fault of the show. Other than that, the only criticism I have is that Barrel's "creation" should have been Tarpan.

So, yeah, great story.



AA Mulne
Beatrix Trotter
Roger Hargraze

Wonder what else we can come up with

Arthur C. Clop? Admittedly, him showing up might be a problem, owing to how he'd have likely become a Star-Foal by now.

No Blandings castle or pig references? For shame sir. For. Shame.

Other than that, that was quite brilliant, I read Jeeve's lines in his voice. Always the best thing to do.

Bit with Rarity? PERF***Ingection. It's exactly the kind of thing that could happen.


I wish this was longer, but I'm happy you did it anyway. :twilightsmile:

Er... I guess I'll succumb to pedantry and point out it was Burroughs, not Barrows. :fluttershyouch:

I considered a Robert Howard pony but figured it'd be too repetitive with E.R. Barrels (horse puns are hard) :fluttershbad:

Or else he'd just show up and point out how any sufficiently advanced magic was indistinguishable from technology. :applejackconfused:

Good one with Tarpan, but maybe a bit too obscure for the casual reader. :applejackunsure:

I tried to stick to authors who used initials in their pen names, although I cheated a bit with E.R.B.. :ajsmug:

The part with 'Glubcraft' was great. Truly great story, I really did enjoy this.

Their ears perked up as a lull in the general buzz of conversation allowed Glubcraft's burbling voice to carry over to them from the "Reading Is Awesome" display. "Ia! What a quaint and curious tome of forgotten lore! Reading truly is awesome!"

This is what made it for me.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Ooh, yeah. Ponies would come to blows over that, I'll bet.

And that is why I should Google before I post in the middle of the night.

And what would Howards's pony name be anyway? R.E. Hardtack? Howdah? E.R. Barrels is the superior pun.

Quite interesting read. I found Rainbow Dash somewhat grating, but it works beautifully in the story.

This made me wonder how Science Fiction would work in Equestria. Or better, Space Opera :rainbowlaugh:

I can also reccomend Canterlot Follies by Lady Moondancer for all your pony Wodehouse needs.

The same as regular opera, except everypony would be wearing bubble helmets and drinking Tang. :trollestia:

I love everything about this story, but the comment about 'Maregosy' just delights me no ed for some reason. Maybe because I was surprised to see a reference to the old Argosy magazine here on FIMfic.

So. You're not an odd-toed ungulate, eh?

Ergo, you must be a camel. There is no other possibility.

No, I'm not a camel. But I can walk like one...


This was an enjoyable read. You have a superb vocabulary. I do strongly feel this could have easily been fleshed out by another 1000 words worth of awkward interactions, but as it is it is still lovely. Have a great day! :pinkiehappy:

There are other options. Vis.

That being said, they still don't apply. :trixieshiftright:

I don't know why, but I loved the little nod to Lovecraft's racism.

Also, ancient tomes of forbidden lore under a "Reading is Awesome" banner is hilarious. I can't help but imagine Levar Burton summoning a shoggoth or something now.

I love Dash and Fluttershy's tasks for the symposium.


Dash’s ability to be subtle is in a league of its own.

"H.P. Glubcraft at your service, your highness. I'm most grateful for the invitation."

Uh oh

Her alabaster hued friend leaned in to whisper to her. "This is terribly awkward, darling. It seems that through a series of improbable misunderstandings Mister Wodehorse and I have somehow become engaged to be married."

I wish I knew what the reference was on this, but it sounds hilarious. *checks the comments* Ahh, gotcha.

Figures that it would end with eldritch abominations terrorizing Ponyville. And I'm with Jake, the Shoobedoo bit is what killed me.

That was a fun read. I loved the Burroughs parody (the pony and the book parodies); I got into the Barsoom series a while ago, and was pretty thrilled when the decades-late movie was announced.

Never thought of describing Dash's voice as "sandy". That sounds like the perfect adjective for it.

Thanks for reminding me to watch Jeeves and Wooster.

4022852 For some reason I see Nagatha as either a Donkey or a Camel. No idea why :rainbowhuh:

Excellent fic and my goodness I miss Jeeves and Wooster:rainbowlaugh:


Excellent story. Excellent story.

It does happen to have hit on a minor pet peeve of mine, though - in the books, Tarzan didn't talk like that. By the end of the first book, he was able to speak perfect French and English (he learnt to speak French before he learnt to speak English, but he learnt to read and write English before he learnt to read and write French) and he learnt several other languages as well over the course of his long life (and it was very long, he once found and took the cure for old age).

That whole "Me Tarzan you Jane" business came from horribly inferior adaptations.

...your story still gets an upvote and a favourite, though. It's a really good story.

Yes, I'm aware that the literary Lord Greystoke wasn't the monosyllabic dolt that Johnny Weissmuller's portrayal fixed in the popular consciousness, but sometimes ya gotta paint with broad strokes, trading accuracy for ease of recognition , to get your point across succinctly. :raritywink: :pinkiesmile:

Thanks for reading. Glad you enjoyed it. :pinkiehappy:

Spike, take a memo, if you please: :moustache:

For those who were wondering why I, George R. R. Mareton, wasn't at the event in question, the answer is simple. I chose not to go and share the room with a lesser author.

You see, the Baltimare Sun recently stated that A. K. Yearling is, and I quote, "...the all-time bestselling author in the history of Equestria." I beg to differ. My last four novels (A Clash of Colts, A Storm of Stallions, A Feats for Fillies and A Prance with Pegasi) all reached number one on the Manehatten Times bestseller list. Anypony knows that there is no way such lightweight fare as the Daring Do novels would ever sell as well as a complex, multi-layered fantasy with plotlines as tangled as an uncombed mane.

Yes, ponies do have to wait a few years between books, but good work takes time to craft. Yearling pops out Daring Do novels too quickly - a pony would almost suspect she ghost-writes for another, somepony actually living these adventures. But that would be rubbish.

So, anyway, I declined the invitation. Besides, when I go to large events, ponies tend to be nervous anyway. I simply don't understand why.


4040992 Would you happen to be a cervine? Or an exploding supermonkey?

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