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You fail language FOREVER!

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To reference mentes, cause i was blocked casue i pointed out the glaring flaws.
I am infinitely more concerned that somehow humans, who only recently came into these powers, would somehow be more powerful than ponies, who are inborn with these abilities already. That just makes no sense.

And neither does the crystal heart NOT just working instantly to save cadance. And worse, the heart be inexplicably destroyed by that mundane fuckin machine when it is something around the power of the elements of harmony.........
OH god am i tired of this forced bullshit >_< This is one of the most powerful thigns in equestria, it should not have been that difficult nor, either, should it been destroyed.

1644372 That is already far more than I knew about ancient Greece. But hey, I'm researching this at the library as I go.

1644289 That feeling is odd, as I'm not really an expert on Ancient Greece. Or even an enthusiast. I'm more likely to nitpick your portrayal of Ancient Greek, i.e. the language. That, and I would remind you that Classical Mythology was not necessarily what the Greek religion actually believed. Homer was a poet, not a prophet(Dante has a similar problem). Even with their actual beliefs, there wasn't really anything standard, because Greek polytheism was more about bartering with the specific god of your choice than worshipping all of them. Thus, Artemis in Athens is the huntress god of the moon, while Artemis is Ephesus is a fertility goddess whose worship involves various acts of sexual depravity.

Welp, thanks for favoriting Daughters of Poseidon. Why do I have an odd feeling my portrayal of ancient Greece will be nitpicked?

Oh, hey! Thank you so much for the Watch! I really appreciate it, and I'll keep doing my best to deserve it!:twilightsmile:

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