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A Random Guy

Sometimes I forget I have the social skills equivalent of a dried up worm on the edge of the sidewalk.

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I tell people to get out of the trash and scan people's shoes. That's my life now.

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Here's a solid piece of advice!

Did you enjoy writing stuff? If so, then who cares what the hell people say? You're the goddamn <Insert your name here> and you enjoy writing shit people don't like! (Shit as in, "I do shit all the time," not "It's a piece of shit." I never read your stuff but's it's probably great and not a pile of dung) Those down voters can shove it up their arses because you're having the goddamn time of your life doing what you love!

Take it from me! Back in FimFiction's hayday of 2012, when every new story amassed a hundred views on the first day of publishing, I threw out an "artsy" Trixie-Hearthwarming Eve fic for a contest. This was back when I was starting to practice writing so I know it's crap today. But I poured my inexperienced heart and soul into it, only to get a 2:1 red&green bar. Did it suck looking at that? Yeah. Did I have fun writing that? Hell yeah!

And to this day, I've published a fic about a high as hell OC with no real relevance to MLP canon, a Rainbow Factory spin off that adds nothing to the lore and is considered the bane of existence, and story about a guy revisiting Equestria after 15 years with a thematically convoluted twist I made on the spot in desperation to turn it in to a contest on time! Did I have flipping fun writing that crap? You bet you genitals I freaking did!

So yeah, you like what you do? Ignore the dribble that comes out of other people's mouths and celebrate yourself.

Though the point is moot if you're just doing it for the attention.

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Sometimes I forget I have the social skills equivalent of a dried up worm on the edge of the sidewalk.

I know the feeling all too well. I mean, look at me!

Thank you for adding This Isn't War to your favorites! Feedback is always appreciated!

2286656 Take a dart and throw it at something that looks interesting. There's something I want to publish in the next week or two once I make the cover art for it. I'm hoping I can get it done by Monday, so fingers crossed.



What well do you want me to read?

2285623 How about something I wrote? :applejackunsure:


I've at a crossroad. Which do I love more? Your profile picture or your short bio... They're both so magnificent!

I'm glad you liked "The Reality I Choose!" :pinkiesmile:

Yeah, where did all of the young whipper-snappers come from, any who?:raritywink:

1905520 Oh trust me, it's been a long time for both of us. Can't seem to find any bloody people with accounts older than mine.

Whoa, been a long time since I've visited with you, huh? In any case, thanks for placing my story Dear Idiot on your Favorites bookshelf. I'm glad that you could enjoy the piece.:twilightsmile:

Your story calls to me.:pinkiecrazy:
I love the old greek myths, and I love mlp...:pinkiehappy:
It is well written, and I enjoy the character interaction.:eeyup:
I hope to see this story continue:moustache:

Hi Random Guy! How are you? :pinkiehappy:

Hmm, thanks for the watch! :D

thanks for the watch:twilightsmile:

1362535 I ask myself that every time someone pulls out a coffee filter.

1362522 My apologies...
Who woulda thought, I'm having a conversation with none other than a... coffee bean.

Where has my life gone?

1362518 I believe I stated I am a coffee bean. I've made some interesting life choices to get to that point.

1345904 I believe this chap is an owl. Pigeons are located five doors to the right.


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