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Stalins Moustache

"Silence is an argument carried by other means"-Che Guevara

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Welcome to My page Comrades

Greetings I am Comrade Stalin's Moustache, resident moustache of Fimfiction. I am here to spread collectivized happiness and joy. You may remember me from such works as World War Two, or who could forget the Cold War. I also played a supporting role in such works as the Vietnam war and even the Invasion of Afghanistan.

Now I know what you must be thinking, haven't you done anything real on this site that is noteworthy. My answer to this will always be of course not...

Current Project List

At the moment I have a few things that are going to need to be done, so I will try to rank them in order of importance

1) Get an Editor/Proofreader
2) Finish current chapter of A Crystal Revolution
3) Get some cover art for A Crystal Revolution
4) Maybe write some one shots
5) Complete all current stories

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Just one question, what conditioner do you use to get such bounce? Love the name!


Had to follow as soon as I saw that stache.

You are the big moustache man.

Thanks for the follow

  • Viewing 513 - 517 of 517
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