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I am Dennis i come from Greece. I am 26 currently and I am finishing computer engineering.


What's your unread chapters number? [Part 3] · 5:09pm December 5th

So I've dropped another big story and read some more as well as kept up with some of the new released chapters managing to reach 154 unread chapters. The story I dropped was a Nightmare Moon + Human + Chrysalis story. Honestly I just saw the other cover arts and despite the good scores in likes that it had I decided that since it was also seemingly abandoned that I wouldn't bother with it since I got much "bad vibe" by the character combination.

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2440104 XD Did the Reality Marble comment give this away?

Nice to see another Fate series fan

2422266 It's much better and less reference heavy than most DJT parody fics I've seen. So it earned it.

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