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I am Dennis I come from Greece. I am 28 currently and I have finished computer engineering.


I wish to feel alive.

That is my only and greatest wish.

I wish to feel alive...

And die like that.

((if this had a theme song it would be this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2tKFBZ2ki4))
NOW WITH AUDIO READING! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qAkrplMQ_g.

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wow :applecry: thats so sad seen from this point of view
tho for being what he is i can understand what he has gone through

7257883 This was sort of inspired by the Hollows in Bleach and Nnoitra's words. Perhaps Ulquiorra's too. I don't exactly watch the whole anime but I am aware of the story.

Btw this isn't meant to be a great story of quality and whatever. So I apologize for that. Nevertheless if you like it thanks for the feedback!

7257903 well it leaves questions like what happened before this
and gives ok but could use more detail to what's going on
but otherwise it hits the feels

7257933 Largely speaking it doesn't matter much. It's just froufrou stuff that don't add any substance. True I might have had to say where they are, or when, and how they got there but... let's just say I leave that up to you. As is up to you guys if you want to continue it.

Interesting. Sad and just a tiny bit disturbing, but interesting. Nice job.

Great story, really interesting look at how a changeling might feel.

7258014 Thanks guys. Really appreciated. You guys are free to do with this little tidbit anything you like.

7257933 Something about this. This isn't clear if he dies in the end so if someone wants to take the story and write his own, or write a sequel of a prequel or whatever you guys are free to do so. I deliberately left almost everything open here and gave as little info as possible. "She" could not even be Chrysalis for that matter. Just food for thought.

7258070 Like you said, you've got a lot open to do with this what we would, but I just don't have the time. :ajsleepy: I've got one story I'm already working on that has my full attention at the moment. I hope someone else can take this gem you've started and turn it into something good, since you've given permission. :yay:

7258089 It's cool. Ty btw.

7258110 You're welcome. :twilightsmile: Here's hoping the write righter right writer comes along. *raises glass*

First of all, great story. The way you develop the unknown life of a lone changeling is quite fascinating and enjoyable. So, I was thinking of starting up a Youtube channel separate from the one I already have where I want to start doing fanfiction readings, and I wanted to know if you would be alright with me reading it on the channel?

7261339 Sure whatever you think. As I said below you guys are free to do with this whatever you will. So long as I get credit for the idea/original that's totally fine. I got more works if you like. Anyway keep in touch.

7262318 All right, thank you. I will most definitely be giving you credit. I'll tell you when the video goes up. By the way, it's not going to be that good, just as a warning. I'm just starting so I won't be having like voice actors or anything. Thank you again.

7262369 You're welcome to try your best.

good but its just a oneshot. it would be awesome to give it more.

7270423 Well it happens. Maybe I'll do something about it later. But you guys are free to do with this whatever you like.

The title translates to It is Done, i think.

Precisely. Greek my native language and this is ancient Greek.

Yeah... it's heavy.

Ελα ρε πατριωτη!

μια χαρα πολυ καλη ιστοριουλα

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