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  • T Don't Let The Bed Bug Bite

    There's a bug under my bed. It says it needs to stay under there to hide. I just hope it leaves soon. And doesn't eat me.  · naturalbornderpy
    2,494 words · 2,638 views  ·  454  ·  5  · 
  • E Antagonistics Anonymous

    Attending a new group (formed by a certain pegasus) has been the best alternative to prison or banishment for months. Due to the success they have had in reforming the 'irredeemable', they have been allowed to offer guidance to members of the public.  · All Art Is Quite Useless
    9,857 words · 156 views  ·  12  ·  0  · 
  • T The Dream Chronicles: Invasion

    Darkest Dreams receives a warning from his father about an incoming threat, can he warn the city in time or will there be a lot of change in the near future?  · Darkest Dreams
    1,236 words · 54 views  · 
  • E Caboose Saves Equestria

    Caboose was helping his friend, but took a wrong turn while looking for a bathroom, and now he's in Canterlot during the Changling Invasion... can someone explain to me how that's physically possible?  · cyberlord4444
    1,017 words · 1,736 views  ·  108  ·  5  · 
  • E Her Weight in Affection

    While adapting to life after being banished from Equestria, Chrysalis learns that not everyone shuns her for her villainy.  · Stonershy
    12,137 words · 26,762 views  ·  1,818  ·  44  · 
  • E Bonds

    Luna returns from the moon, and she is not happy. In fact, Equestria might just be in for a wicked surprise.  · wildprince15
    2,521 words · 237 views  · 

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