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Chrysalis, our Changeling Queen, and a subject that should be feeling the love generated by us bronies past the universal divide. Even though she, ya know, sucks out the love and stuff.

Anyways, like my Nightmare Moon group "The Hero... Nightmare Moon?" this group is a consolidation of stories that put our little Changeling in the positive light. Reasons or methods don't matter, as long as the reader can come to the conclusion that she's one of the good girls in the story.

Anyone can add a story to this group, just as long as Chrysalis is in it and is in a positive light in some way.

Have fun!

Check this out! Found this braving the depths of Depibooru I came across this image and I thought it fit the group's theme.

After getting permission from both owner (Evowizard25) and artist (13foxywolf666) I'm posting it here as our group's cover art!

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I think I've got a good positive story for Chrys, have added it.

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Hello! I have a story that I'm working on and I need some help. Here's what I have for the summary:

"She has had ENOUGH!

Her first episode sent her popularity through the roof, and the rest were utter let-downs. Despite her pleads, her husband's pleads, and the starring actors' and actress' pleads, Hasbro did nothing.

Now, she's fleeing, and she's taking everypony she can with her."

what is Chrysalis weapons

I have a story that I am currently writing that Chrysalis starts off as the villein but will eventually get reformed by Twilight. Would a story like that be aloud in this group?

Oh god, the memories of the attack on Canterlot are coming back...

For those who are artists I need help!

hi! I am doing a Adopt a Human type of fanfiction. I am spreading myself from others who do these types who makes the Herod adopt them. I am going to make a Fanfiction where Queen Chrysalis adopts a human child named Michael. I need a cover art. My story is called Her Love Warrior.

The cover art I was hoping for was Queen Chrysalis to be cuddling next to Michael with her horn glowing to illuminate the darkness, maybe her hoove wrapped around his tummy pulling him close to her or maybe a wing wrapped around him.

Michael I need to look like is Blonde hair, small form, bare feet, white t-shirt and brown shorts, blue eyes. Please I really need help!

Members of The Hero...Queen Chrysalis??? Group,
If you, or someone you know, has written a story involving or about the beginnings of the Equestrian world please consider joining and adding the story to the new group The Beginnings of Equestria. Or, if you simply want to join a soon-to-be-great group click on the link and join!

Also, consider joining the group, Species of Equestria. It is a group designed for organizing all the fabulous stories with different species into smaller groups with other stories of their kind. Click the link and join!

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365168 ah ok, kind of forgot all about the question.
now as you mention, it does make sense as I looked at the folders.

I guess I can see the point of doing that, since I do the same in my groups.

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357869 Super late reply, but any member placed stories go into the "Main" folder.

The "Admin" folder is for pointing out the ones I've read and really liked.

363854 Judging by the fact I just commented on your message, I guess you've already found it.:twilightblush:

I've always been a fan of the female villains of MLP. They just seem 20% cooler.


351265 by the looks of it, *amin' seems to be for your story?

I like the image placed on the group page.

working on a story that should fit here, though it will be place exclusively on another group, but once ready, I could place sequels to it here too.

With some help, Chrysalis is Establishing a new Hive, in Manehattan, this time ..

Who would notice one more Pony in such a large City?

Sadly, the old hive got disbanded at the wedding at Canterlot.

Where I can put my story? :unsuresweetie:

348664 Ehh, with incomplete ones, I do read them in the browser, but it is a pain having to use the spacebar and my left hand to page down reasonably... In calibre, I can use my arrow keys and stuff.

348662 :applejackconfused:


That sucks.:fluttershysad:

Hope those stories finish up for you to finally enjoy!:pinkiesad2:

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