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Congratulations to TheKissoftheVoid for winning Contest 2: The Sequel with his fic The Nightmare Omen!

This group is dedicated to one of my favourite ponies, Nightmare Moon!

This is a group for all of you to place stories about our favourite dark alicorn, and to get to know others who like her.

Just a few boring rules first:

1: Only post stories where Nightmare Moon is the main character, or has a large role in the story.
2: No flaming or hate towards characters, authors, stories, or anything else please.
4: No self-promoting threads. That's what the shameless self-promotion group is for.
If you think I've left out anything important, please tell me, and I will consider adding it.

Anyway, have fun Nightmare moon fans, lets show some love for our favourite moon alicorn!

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It'll all be over soon.

Comment posted by Wingy San deleted Sep 4th, 2018

Considering the type of world they live on, its very possible that she found a way to make everything survive on moonlight and not freeze to death. And since Celestia is sealed in the moon in that timeline, its even more likely- it doesn't take a great leap to imagine a spell that not only seal the Sun-Alicorn in the moon, but syphons her energy and spreads it all over the world.

This is given more credence by the Crystal Empire, as the Crystal Heart is somehow able to repel the winds of the Frozen North and keep the place to what appears to be comfortable temperatures.

Why you thought any of that was impossible in this series, I'll never know. I get that a lot of people like to depict that Nightmare Moon's would be reign as something that would destroy the world, but its not hard to imagine that the Alicorn of the Night could find a way around that. And now we have canon confirmation that her reign, somehow, would infact be completely survivable with little changing in terms of the ecosystem.

411789 I respect the Canon, but I don't think that'll be possible. An eternal night won't bring warmth or the energy needed for the plants to grow. No plants? no Herbivores, no carnivores. So either Nightmare moon cast some sort of intense energy and heat spell on the moon, causing it to bring all the energy the plants needed to survive, I don't think that's possible

Plus, the lands and oceans will be frozen, turning the planet into a massive Iceball planet -- much like Earth 3-2 billion years ago, although albeit a different cause

Please look to the Nightmare Moon timeline of "The Cutie Re-Mark", showing that after Nightmare Moon takes over, Equestria is still green and thriving.

411197 There is no 3, the Internet just has to hate the number 3

Dear, Nightmare moon

Hi! It's me. Becidot. You probably never heard of me, but I'm one of your fans. For the longest time I had no problem with your motifs and I thought it was... decent to say the least. But as time passes by and the more and more information I gather, I think it's time to expose you

Nightmare moon, your motives makes no GODDAMN sense

Look before I start a flame war I would like to note that, while Nightmare moon is a great character, her main motive is to bring an 'eternal night.' At first glance it would be normal but if you take a good look at it, you'll know that the answer is pretty terrifying.

Lets talk about life. Life here depends on the sun for warmth and energy -- I'm sure everyone already knows that -- but if the ENTIRE planet is shrouded in darkness, then all complex life such as Ponies, and Hydras to name a few, will go extinct. And that's only the first problem, second if the cold doesn't kill the ponies, then lack of food will. Plants depend on photosynthesis -- Which practically means that they depend on the sun to produce their energy much like a solar panel -- and if it's always nighttime, then the crops won't grow, which also means that herbivoures will most likely go extinct.

So Nightmare moon, maybe it isn't such a good idea to shroud Equis in darkness, if you do. Well, no pony will be able to appreciate it because they're all dead.

Your best mate,

If you think I've left out anything important, please tell me, and I will consider adding it.

Uh...yeah. The rules go 1, 2, and 4. What's rule number 3?

Love the new cover pic! Whoever changed it, gets a big thumbs up for me!

406518 Hi, I see your at least 20 percent cooler than everybody here. How do you do that?

If you think I've left out anything important, please tell me, and I will consider adding it.

how bout rule #3?....

405308 my story I'm making, though, receiving some hate, is a romance with my oc and Nightmare Moon

I realised that I had to join the group, as I am starting up a story that is about Nightmare Moon.
The story is starting up at the Pilot of Season one, which is where we first learn of and meet our favourite dark Knight.
A few changes to the history is about to come to pass, but our Queen is to have her place in history, as well as in the Hearts of Ponies.

Hi! I kind of have a question, but it concerns some spoilers considering the season finale.
If you've seen the finale, you know, that we've had some awesome cameos, including everypony's favourite dark princess. I was wondering if there are stories that have a similar setup. Where she won after returning because the Elements didn't get together to stop her, Celestia is imprisoned, and night eternal ensues. But it turns out that Nightmare Moon isn't the evil overlord who kills off anypony who says a thing against her, she's just a heavy hoofed ruler. I'm looking for the longer adventure type stories, maybe with a romantic subplot. Can anyone help me out?

Someone submitted Nightrise?

371772 I'm pretty much turning into an owl here (in manners of sleeping pattern). So the night is basically the only time my head is clean (it makes for amazing stargazeing time to time).

hmm, I have a story I want to add, but... there may be a few complications. :twilightblush: At the moment nightmare moon has onlya small part, but I plan on her taking a big part in it as it goes. But the thing is its not exactly Nightmare moon in the usual sense. So I'm not entirely sure if it'll fit into this group or not. :pinkiecrazy: Eh, I'll add it. Worst case scenario, it can be removed later.

375901 the horryfing truth we all have to face

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