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Out with the old media, in with the new (new video) · 4:34am Jan 20th, 2017

here's my new video to bring everyone up to speed on the media situation where i promote good new media while ripping into a horrible piece of propaganda old media

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The Doctor was a furry and the whole "feed Mimigas red flowers to make them feral" was just his fetish. Now that I ruined Cave Story for you:

2021068 lol...........

Ok, chill. I'm well aware you are not a toaster, just a person who chooses to have their profile picture of Princess Toaster Luna. Sorry I struck a nerve. Also, those dots and dashes at the end there, was that supposed to be Morse Code? If it is, then you forgot to put spaces between letters.

2020476 hahahahahahahNOTAFUCKINGTOASTER././/.../././.

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