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A Group designed for Ponies of a different scale. From those that creep along the ground, small as a bug, to those that soar to heights unimagined, towering over all, this is a place for ponies of all sizes.
(Obviously, a Micro/Macro group, for those of us who enjoy that sort of thing)

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People really need to put the right stories, into the right folders. So annoying to find Shrink/Micro fics in the Giants Folder. Or someone is lazy and posts the story 5 times across all the folders.

Today I received a notification of three stories being added to the page, but I'm pretty sure these said stories have been already present in "ponies big and small" for a few years.

I remember seeing a story where Twilight catches Spike making trouble, causing him to shrink and allowing Twilight to use him as a sex toy. What happened to that story?

Hey guys, I'm new to this site but excited to get started! Please read my 'debut' story, A Small Issue, if you can; I'm super eager to know what you guys in this group would make of it!

Better watch out!

he's on to me

I wish to every small and big here Happy New Year!

Hey, I've never left a comment on the main page of a group before. It is so exciting. :rainbowkiss:

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


when did the banner update?....

Does anyone here recall a story called the Unicorn's Spell. I like it but cannot find it. If anyone knows anything please let me know

Anyone know what story has chrysalis with shrunken twilight and cadence at her control. Any ideas guys thanks a lot ^ ^

Comment posted by McProky deleted Feb 14th, 2015

Happy New Year for ponies of all sizes! :-)

Guess this is the group for 'My Littlest Ponies', then?

I'm really hoping that those of us who are RPing in this group will try to be on a bit more.

  • Viewing 105 - 124 of 124
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