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A Group designed for Ponies of a different scale. From those that creep along the ground, small as a bug, to those that soar to heights unimagined, towering over all, this is a place for ponies of all sizes.
(Obviously, a Micro/Macro group, for those of us who enjoy that sort of thing)

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Hello all, don't ask why my profile picture is Alastor from Hazbin Hotel I am just an extremely big Hazbin Hotel fan

It's still here quiet most days but still here.

Wait? There's people who still visit this site? I thought this Group is deader than a decrepit corpse. Sometimes I don't believe that this Group even exists.

Probably gone

Wasn't there a story that involved Nightmare Moon using a tiny Celestia as a sex toy? What happened to that story?

What happened to the story a different kind of intimacy?

Well, glad i could "help", somehow x3

I took your first option to heart ironically. I wasn't really the biggest fan of some stories either so I just wrote my own. Funny enough it was seeing your comment that gave me the final push to start writing again

Is there a gentle giantess story someone can link?

It's an idea that I didn't like very much...
This I translated into English with Deelp an apology if there are spelling mistakes

Hello my name is andres I am from Venezuela.

Thats all I got

(Please translate this)
¡ Hola ! Me presento me llamo Andrés soy de Venezuela
Me gustaría hacer una lectura de macro/micro con un poco de vore (no creo incluir pornografia)
Seria bueno que me ayudaran ya que no se como funciona Fimfiction ¡espero sus respuestas!

Yes he was, whether intentional or not. This whole thing could just be over the wrong words used in a sentence. Right now it's on him for his actions and at least you two, if not the whole group, to try ammending the variety issue behind his rudeness.

I never said he wasn't right about the variety, it's true stories nowdays talk about the same subjects, but there's no debate here, I was just complaining about the rudeness in his words, and seeing how he responded to the other user too, I guess it was intentional to position himself on that line, since he implicitly said that stories on this group are shit.
Even though the variety of stories has really lowered in the past years, it doesn't allow him to just implicitly calling all other stories "trash" by saying "Any idea when another good new story will pop up?"
If stories are cliches and all talk about same arguments, it does not mean they are all trash or that they wiil treat those said arguments the same.
As I said, there's no need to be disrespectful just because he doesn't like the recent fan fics.

@McProky; Maybe word the request differently so it's more friendly. The way you worded it does come across rude, especially aimed at other authors, intentionally or otherwise. Maybe something more along the lines of "anyone working on a story about such and such? Haven't seen one in a while and I like reading those kind."

Fefe: Proky may be right about the variety here. There are a lot of good stories but some themes may be getting over used. Some of the stories dying mid write doesn't help much either. Maybe a group prompt/project to do outside the current norm stuff based on a list researched from other sites of similar interest could resolve this whole debate?

On a side note I've been debating on posting myself as having my stuff proofed has been a struggle. I'm thinking about saying slag it and just posting as is on a weekly/bi-weekly schedule. I've been here to long not to have posted anything.

And just what you said is "I don't read stuff I don't like".
Good for you, then there's really no reason to just talking shit about the stories coming out in this period.
You don't like them, you don't read them, it's easy, you don't need to complain, especially that way, there's really no need to write a comment like that in this group

I said, write a NEW story yourself, or stop complianing and talking shit.

1st) I did write the stories
2nd) I never dislike, I just don't read stuff I'm not interested in.

You have 2 options

1.Write a new story yourself, if you don't enjoy the ones you have here.

2.stop talking shit because if you don't like something it doesn't mean it isn't good.
You probably don't even read fictions and are one of the many that randomly dislike stories...

You must have be watching other parts of the fandom then.

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