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Grassy Blade

Stay sketchy my friends!

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About me

Gender: M

Age: 20

Grade: NA

I am a somewhat shy unicorn that is never hurtful to anyone, but just because I'm shy doesn't mean I'm a wimp! I admit I'm a little weak, but I can be angered easily if ponies are being mean to me. I do sometimes cry when I'm upset... Nothing unmanly about crying. No shame in admitting it! I almost always wear a jacket because I get cold very easily. I don't have a very open vocabulary, so I may need time to think of even the most simple of words. I am a very talented artist.

Information about Sketch:

blue coat
brown mane
blue eyes

Spells I know how to cast:

illumination: This is one of the most simple spells a unicorn can cast.

Levitation: Another very simple spell that a unicorn can cast. Is limited to weight of object.

Shield spell: Creates a dome of magical energy that surrounds the user.

Cloud walking spell: Temporarily allows non-pegasi the ability to walk on clouds.

page peeling spell: A spell that "peels" art off of it's pages and gives it 3 dimensions.
If object is living this spell will "animate them"

Relocation spell (teleportation): A spell that allows instant travel between point a and point b. The user must focus their magic into their horn, then picture the location of space where they want to travel. The user then releases the magical energy.
This spell is very difficult and requires high levels of concentration and magic ability to work.
If the one casting the spell loses his/her concentration, they will find themselves somewhere between a and b.


Well we're coming to an end... · 3:37pm Feb 23rd, 2019

It's been about 9 long years since this show has started... About five years since I have been a fan. Time goes by so fast and I fear for the future. What will season nine hold for us? What villains will appear? Will any side characters return? What about the finale? Will chrysalis finally stop holding that grudge? What about Cozy Glow? Y'know all the deformable villains...

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why hello there, my friend!

We aren't children becoming friends! :rainbowlaugh:

Looks like you are getting to know each other

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