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Being a Wolf Psychologist surrounded by Pony kind can be quite the learning experience...


One of my videos inspired a new Story · 5:50pm Oct 21st, 2014

Seems that TundraStraza watched one of my episode idea videos and wanted to turn it into a full story:


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Merry Christmas to you, Good Doctor! And to the Mrs.

Oh you have Doctor, You have.
For you see not only have i heard about you..... but recently I've been watching your videos.
It is odd however. I did not take notice of you as much as i have for the other residents of Equestria.
And for that i must apologies.
In fact i wouldn't have known about you at all had Tirek not brought up that you visited him in Tartarus last year.
But since then.. i have been most impressed.

I am also deeply appreciative of how you have had all these wonderful theory videos about yours truly.
How i created Discord,
how me forcing my "Legion of Doom" to work together to retrieve my bell was a ploy to get them to cooperate for my plans later on,
And of course why i THE ALMIGHTY GROGAR would require the assistance of a non magical little Pegasus like Cozy.

Whether your theories were correct or not i can not say. (Wouldn't want to give spoilers away.)
But i won't deny... they have made me happy.
So.... i suppose you can say.... you helped me.
AND as you always say "It's good to be helping."

So yes my dear Doctor Wolf....You have indeed done many things right.

I do hope that means I've been doing something right :)

I've heard so much about you.

  • Viewing 152 - 156 of 156
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