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Being a Wolf Psychologist surrounded by Pony kind can be quite the learning experience...

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After a quick errand in the Everfree Forest, Lightning Bliss and DRWolf find themselves in circumstances neither of them bargained for, resulting in a quick but Far distant teleportation jump into unexplored terrains of their world. And it doesn't take long for a rather Intimidating creature to find them...

Written by Lightning Bliss: https://www.deviantart.com/lightning-bliss
Edited by Godzillawolf: https://www.fimfiction.net/user/32141/Godzillawolf
Proofread by DRWolf & Godzillawolf

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If I am to tell you my story, I think it is important for you to know that I was not always the Teacher, or Doctor that I am today. In fact, helping ponies with their everyday problems in this office has been a fairly recent change in my life. Before then, I had traveled the world with a Dragon. And before that, I had spent all of my time reading books without knowing what I was looking for. And before then...well, even I don’t know all of the details...


Over four months in the making, this story will be going along with a "Dramatic Reading" series on my YouTube channel, with a total of Four chapters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7MpIoUOxow I've been getting requests from my watchers for many months to create an origin story for the character of DRWolf. So with some general concepts I thought up, and with the help of Godzillawolf: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Godzillawolf who did the majority of the writing, we are most pleased to present this tale for your enjoyment.

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Now with a Dramatic Reading: A Moment With the CMC

Dr. Wolf sat quietly in his chair, simply enjoying the silence between meetings. The only noise breaking the serenity was the ticking of the clock.

Even one who helped others with their stress, tension, and upset needed their own downtime once in a while to keep themselves grounded. Given his workload, it was a precious thing for the busy therapist to have any downtime at all.

However, his solitude ended with a knock outside his office. As the bipedal canine rose and opened the door, he looked up out of instinct. Instead of an adult pony looking down at him, the small wolf's eyes were greeted by the wall and the top of several little ponies’ manes. He readjusted his line of sight and found himself staring into the orange eyes of a young yellow Earth Pony.

His sensitive nose told him, by the smell of their perspiration, that the three had been doing some strenuous activity. Strangely, they also smelled of tree sap, among other things.


This story had been inspired by the fan art piece created by Starbat many months ago. When EquestriaDaily posted their "Friend Off Revival" contest, I felt driven to write up a video script with Starbat, and it got turned into a completed story here on FimFiction with a little help from Godzillawolf. For my first attempt at a My Little Pony story, I think it turned out rather nicely.

Nice to see that EquestriaDaily included this story for their contest: Friend Off Art and Story Compilation

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