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Being a Wolf Psychologist surrounded by Pony kind can be quite the learning experience...


If I am to tell you my story, I think it is important for you to know that I was not always the Teacher, or Doctor that I am today. In fact, helping ponies with their everyday problems in this office has been a fairly recent change in my life. Before then, I had traveled the world with a Dragon. And before that, I had spent all of my time reading books without knowing what I was looking for. And before then...well, even I don’t know all of the details...


Over four months in the making, this story will be going along with a "Dramatic Reading" series on my YouTube channel, with a total of Four chapters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7MpIoUOxow I've been getting requests from my watchers for many months to create an origin story for the character of DRWolf. So with some general concepts I thought up, and with the help of Godzillawolf: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Godzillawolf who did the majority of the writing, we are most pleased to present this tale for your enjoyment.

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The library sounds a LOT like Wan-Shi-Tong's library, especially since led its way through a pretty large desert.

so, we still did not get the answer of how Mrs. Wolf fits into all of this, but it is a great origin story overall.

All I can say that this was oddly heart warming :)

I'll have to read it later, but I'm looking forward to it!

I think the library should be called either the eternity vault (named after the prison planet in Star Wars the old republic) or the eternal library,
In my opinion, their really cool names.

Thank you for the Memories Doc I Find your story An Inspertion for my Life

This is a really good story.
Thanks for posting it.

Damn it, now I wish Dr. Wolf was an actual character in the show. :pinkiesad2:

Dear DRWolf,

I had asked on your YouTube channel if I could create my own origin story using your character in it. I wanted to elaborate on this. What I mean to do is use my story and yours and combine them to form a kind of AMWDW episode.

7603257 I don't mind if you use DRWolf in a mock AMWDW in your story.

Maybe you could write about some of his patients, or write parts of this in greater detail? Sorry if the second part isn't your thing, I just like longer stories!! XD

7609048 Well, if you want to know more about some of my patients, you could always visit my Youtube channel and watch some of the "A Moment With DRWolf" series of videos.

7612038 oooooooh, I feel like an idiot!!!:facehoof::rainbowlaugh:

7597386 Well DHX did write Slice of Life, the Equestria Girls series and Keep Calm And Flutter On... They are obviously aware of our fanwork... I wouldn't be surpise if Dr. Wolf was made into a show character and DRWolf was hired to voice him... But I doubt it will happen... That being said Hasbro and DHX can still prove me wrong

7613041 It's happens to the best of us, don't beat yourself over it

7617744 I'm not, it's just kinda funny!!:rainbowlaugh:

... huh. This is the first time reading an origin story like this has left me in a sense of serene calm. Usually I'd feel more... excited or sad or something. But it's just a sense of calm instead, and that's rare for me to feel from stories I read sometimes.

I'm probably going to try to remember to read this story again sometime in the future, just simply because it's a story I'd want to go back to. I'm glad I found this story from the YouTube channel.

7865991 Glad you enjoyed it :)

Doctor Wolf, I know you may get this sort of comment a lot of times from other people but I still want to say this anyways for you to read.

Thank you for making this story, for making the AMWDW videos, for working together with others in creating things that everyone can watch and listen to, and thank you for all that you can continue to do.

Even if it's just a simple phrase, it is all I can say to express my gratitude to what you've done so far. Even if I must envy you a little bit for what power you can use for helping others in different ways, and like you say at the end of AMWDW videos: "It's good to be helping"

Even if it's a small comment, to me... it is something I don't get to hear often from others, so again thank you.

7877133 Glad to be of service :)

7585020 Story was probably written before Dr Wolf's wife started joining in on the youtube stuff with her husband.

oh how i love it and hey maybe hes still alone not to be rude or saddening but you never really aged in the libray or hungerd or thirseted maybe he got lost who know but i think he is understands that you left stay stong my fav gray little wolf

this story is really nice :D

Author Interviewer

Glad I finally got to read this. I've always wondered how your character fits into Equestria. Plus, this was quite nice. :)

Comment posted by Vision deleted Dec 18th, 2017

Would be cool to read a continuation, where master returns to find Dr.Wolf.

Found this on Youtube. Not many things can completely pull me away from my writing, but I didn't want to miss a word of this (or picture: compliments to the artists). You (and Godzillawolf) are good writers, and you, Dr Wolf, are a good person. A great person.

Hello, Doctor Wolf, thank you for this, and for the youtube videos, and the dramatic reading, it was so beautiful...

Just out of curiosity, though, are you a doctor and/or psychologist in real life? By the way, what were the names of the background music that you played while doing the reading, they sounded really good, and I don't think they were listed too clearly in the description or the credits...

There are terrible things in our world, yes; but much good as well. Your desire for peace and happiness like you see in the beautiful fantasy of Equestria is a sign that you, as all people, are meant to find it in the Truth. Message me if you need any help, God Bless!:scootangel:

Such a great origin story! Thanks Dr.Wolf!:yay:

I know it's 2020 now but, I still have a few questions. What is that library in that desert you explain it as so unnatural. Is the library based on a mlp comic or one of the older generations or did you make it up by basing it off of Earth mythology, stories, ect. ect. What about it now? Have others tried to locate it?

The Library hadn't been based off of anything from MLP. I'm sure there are other locations in mythology which might have indirectly inspired it's otherworldly nature, but I hadn't thought of anything specific when coming up with the idea. And as far other characters are concerned, DRWolf knows of no one else who had ever visited the library. But then, Master must have read tales from Someone who's been there before :)

Wow your OC's origin story makes me feel feeling that I don't know how to deal with. I don't not like it, it is just a lot of things to think about. Also I feel like I want to give your OC a cameo in my fanfic. I mean we do both have wolfish OC's.

Your story is amazing doctor Wolf I never knew you wrote a fan fiction story before unless I missed it but still this is amazing

Usually when I read watch or do anything I easily keep a blank face on
But this
this made me cry.

Glad to hear that you enjoyed our story so thoroughly :)

Begging your pardon Doc, but can I have permission to use your story's library for a fic I'm working on?




One of the best MLP: FiM fics I've ever read. You find your purpose when you're not looking, that's for sure.

It happened to me, as a matter of fact...

Sorry for the late reply, but I don't think that'd be an issue.

Glad to hear that you enjoyed this story so thoroughly :)

I'd enjoy hearing your thoughts on the full "Memories of The Equestrian Wolf" Dramatic Reading out on Youtube.

I will definitely listen to it when I have the time. Thanks for pointing it out for me!

Doc, this story is a treasure.

Glad to hear that you enjoyed this story so thoroughly :)

Twilight would salivate at the chance of finding this library.

Except most of the books would be absolutely useless. One book might contain nothing but 1000 pages of capital As. Another might contain 400 pages of the lowercase letter B, etc. In short, the library would contain literally all possible books of finite length.

Rudy Rucker’s book Infinity and the Mind goes into a bit more detail on this.

The basic concept of an infinite library may predate Rucker’s book by up to a century. It is possible that David Hilbert, Georg Cantor and others have speculated (or even written) about this, but since I only read English, a small amount of French, and I haven’t read anything in Spanish since High School (close to thirty years ago) I cannot be sure about this.

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