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"Keep looking up...that's the secret of life."
~ Charlie Brown

"You can, you should, and if you're brave enough to start, you will."
~ Stephen King

"You're an awesome possum!"
~ Forgetful

Positive thinking helps you in discovering your skills, it keeps you motivated. Keeping stress at bay will give you a healthier and happier life. We don't need to deal with the drama of those that complain over the dumbest or most harmless things, we are better than that nonsense. Only good times and positive vibes are allowed here! We will block distance ourselves away from negativity more than the 'Rona! 😷

Share happy moments in life, socialize with some awesome peeps, post your BEST feel-good fics out there. If you're invited and curious why, it's cuz you're a cool pone! Just had a bad day? Come here and we'll soothe your worries.
Unless the world is ending, that's just......yikes...

You all are the best pones I've ever met and don't forget to SMILE!!!:pinkiehappy:

Admiral Snuggles will be on lookout 24/7. 🐱

WELCOME HOME. :twilightsmile:

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Cool, the style is bitchin!

Thankies, a friend made the art for me UwU

Thanx, also dorbs pfp!

Guess I'll try this place out!

Lol. I can make a story here... though it may take forever :facehoof: I need inspo first. Expect something, y'all! And I promise it'll be wholesome!!

Just read the rules and you'll have everything to know 🙃

Ok, all of you guys and your stores are really wholesome! But omg, can I make something just as wholesome? I mean... I kinda have an infatuation with Lgbt, dark themed stories. Hmm...

Um... Guys, I submitted a story yesterday but it hasn't been approved yet. Why? Oh and The group is really great


I was number 3,400!

I'm going to be lucky! :yay:

I just invited probably 95% of the members XD

Kept it at #1 trending group for almost a year lol

It's well huge. Way to go, must've taken lots of work.

Hee, yep. It's my baby of positivity 😌

Holy moly! You own a group!?


My post got automatically deleted within less than five seconds 😂

Why is that by the way?

Just remember:

Fluttershy loves you (:

Hopping on to see how everyone is!

You guys doing well?

  • Viewing 1,060 - 1,079 of 1,079