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Welcome to The Unified Creators Alliance

Feel free to post threads in the forum and what makes this place great is that you can post pretty much anything, as long as you don't go violating the site rules you'll be fine. I do have other rules as well. Be sure to check them out.

Also feel free to check out the group a friend of mine made. She is hoping to make it chaotic and my advice, help her make it chaotic! If you like groups with minimal rules, you'll love this one!

I also do have other groups as well. Right now they are pretty much dead but I am hoping to revive them. If you have stories that would fit into them, feel free to not only share them here, but there as well!

[Adult group embed hidden]

[Adult group embed hidden]

Also, admin Pone_Heap has a couple of groups you should check out as well.

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Yeah, didn't expect to see you too.

Oh, hey there! Didn't expect to see you here. :)

Ooh, a new group for posting stories?

Count me in. :)


Ok, go to the story you want to promote. Copy the URL. Then go to the forum, start and start a thread. Click on the little video camera and in the icon that pops up, paste the URL in there and then click on embed. If you're still having problems, tell me the name of the story and I can promote it for you.

Oh and yes, dinosaurs are awesome.

So how would I promote it, by the way?

:applejackconfused: Also, does 'thread' mean 'forum', or am I just confused?


Share it in the folder it would fit in AND promote it in the forum. Especially promote it in the forum, that will get it plenty of attention.

Hello! I was wondering if you can read one of my stories including an AU HiE story that features dinosaurs.

Do you love dinosaurs? :pinkiehappy:

I have to say the sound of this group intrigues me.

Well this interesting, I only have two stories but I'm doing my best to get people to see them.


And we look forward to seeing your promotions. Just don't forget to put them in the folders as well! :scootangel:

I have... arrived. :pinkiecrazy:

I look forward to promoting some stories here later. :twilightsmile:


Hey stories with drama in them are fun to read and I don't judge people's stories. I'm not going to go rejecting stories over the content. This group isn't drama free anymore at all. Let's just look at "drama" as chaos!

While I do like a some drama scenarios in a story here and their, I'm mainly here just to share the stories that I have:twilightsmile:.


Don't worry about it. It's not like I'm going anywhere!

If you really want some evil designs, take a look at the concept art for dead space & Warhammer 40k, it'll rock your world.
Also, sorry I didn't to drop it on you suddenly like that. I forgot you're working on multiple projects. Good luck dude.

Comment posted by dragondarko deleted Sep 6th, 2018


Well let me think about that. I am currently working on an epic that I hope will be my masterpiece. It is the 11th and final Terror in Equestria story but I am throwing things into it that is going to cause it to take me much longer and I am throwing unprecedented evils into it. The necromancy will be purely evil, the weaponry will be truly evil. Let's just say I'm throwing some of the evils of Lord of the Rings into it along with corrupted creatures that will have insatiable appetites. If you've seen Tremors 2: Aftershocks, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Storm, I just had a ridiculous idea! Colgate's Rants: The Silly Edition. Where no matter what she does to help clean pony's teeth, chaos insues.

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