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Welcome to The Unified Creators Alliance

Feel free to post threads in the forum and what makes this place great is that you can post pretty much anything, as long as you don't go violating the site rules you'll be fine. I do have other rules as well. Be sure to check them out.

Also, no foal-con stories will be accepted or promoted. Also foal-con groups can not be promoted.

Also feel free to check out the group a friend of mine made. She is hoping to make it chaotic and my advice, help her make it chaotic! If you like groups with minimal rules, you'll love this one!

I also do have other groups as well. Right now they are pretty much dead but I am hoping to revive them. If you have stories that would fit into them, feel free to not only share them here, but there as well!

[Adult group embed hidden]

[Adult group embed hidden]

If you like torture and gore, feel free to check out my newest group.

[Adult group embed hidden]

This group was created by Cloudy Arrow but I am an admin for it.

Be sure to check out this fun group ran by admin fudgebrownie

Also, check out admin LyraAlluse's groups.

Also, admin Pone_Heap has a couple of groups you should check out as well.

[Adult group embed hidden]

Also, admin Sanguine Eyes has a group you should check out as well.

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I love it how in every group there is someone who dislikes every comment. :rainbowlaugh:

Anyway, I think joining this place might be good. :pinkiesmile:


I'm glad to hear it.


I do hope that you are enjoying it here.


Sorry for the late response....I didn't see it until now but hello to you too.

I don´t know. Just don´t put us in time-out again.


Yes you may. The forum is for anything you want as long as it is within site rules.

Saw this, decided to join. I think I'll promote my story on here whenever it gets fully edited. Quick question, may I also post animal-related stuff as well?

will it have funny moments where I'll laugh my flank off all day?

Yeah, didn't expect to see you too.

Oh, hey there! Didn't expect to see you here. :)

Ooh, a new group for posting stories?

Count me in. :)


Ok, go to the story you want to promote. Copy the URL. Then go to the forum, start and start a thread. Click on the little video camera and in the icon that pops up, paste the URL in there and then click on embed. If you're still having problems, tell me the name of the story and I can promote it for you.

Oh and yes, dinosaurs are awesome.

So how would I promote it, by the way?

:applejackconfused: Also, does 'thread' mean 'forum', or am I just confused?


Share it in the folder it would fit in AND promote it in the forum. Especially promote it in the forum, that will get it plenty of attention.

Hello! I was wondering if you can read one of my stories including an AU HiE story that features dinosaurs.

Do you love dinosaurs? :pinkiehappy:

  • Viewing 16 - 35 of 35
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