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So, the Finale has come and gone, as has the show. But, it will never die as long as all of us bronies and pegistars stick together. I know some of us are in tears that they show has come to an end, others aren't going to give up that easily, while others are just sticking around to see what the finale can be turned into with the fandom.


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This is another group that goes nicely along with this one:

This group might be the 1st of many remembrance groups of G4 to come, but we need to stick together. Remember. Remember all the good times. I know I won't be forgetting anytime soon.

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Although I will say this: I hope this site doesn't end up like the Pony Fiction Archive. I mean I was the last one to post anything on that site before it got taken down (Well in explicit anyways). Thankfully I talked to RBdash and he said all stories were being archived. Sadly the forums to the PFA were being taken down too, but I got all of those old posts from that PFA forum saved so at least that's good (Over 26,000 posts to be specific).

I'll keep posting too. For as long as I can or as long as the site is still up. I've been doing it for 10 years and I'll do it for 10 more if possible...

I agree. It's different people obviously who are behind G5 and I believe they don't quite understand why G4 was so popular. Part of it was lightning in a bottle, but I believe it can be caught again if done right. The way I see it though for right now is Hasbro is maybe testing the waters. Maybe. It's only on Netflix right now and I've noticed some other CGI Netflix shows get put on to Discovery Family (which used to be The Hub where G4 played on.) And I theorize that it'll be dumped on to that channel like the rest. Especially if it fails.

that was my original defense for G5 and I have the smallest thread of hope it'll remain true for the rest of the series...

Watching the first few seasons of G4 I thought the same thing. It was only after season 4 started that I really got into it

as much as I'd love for that, right now G5 is a bit... underwhelming; there's a lot less things in it to stick around for, and I genuinely don't know if they know what they're doing with the series.

Maybe, but let's be fair, the reception and adoration for G5 is much much smaller than G4 at it's lowest point.

Personally, I think G5 is just ok. Harmless at the least. I feel any "revival" or resurgence to the group/site/fandom would be somewhat minimal.

That isn't going to stop this fan from sticking around, though.

I think with G5 a whole new generation of fans will discover this site and revive it

The show is over, the fandom has shrunk a fair bit, and stories on this site have become less and less frequent, but it'll still be around as long as we care about it and each other and people will still post as long as that creative spark exists. All fan communities are and will forever be like this.

It's really sad to flick through all the old active groups that have been around since 2012-2013. A good chunk of them are defunct now. There aren't many stories being posted daily anymore. It's hard to swallow, but fimfiction is slowly dying. I'll keep posting, though. Been doing it all over the web for 10 years, why stop now?

Maybe it will live forever. It hasn't showed a WHOLE lot but it seems Hasbro silently supports the fandom now and don't intend it to disappear forever.

“Shed no tears for me, my glory lives forever”- captain Dax, Starship troopers: hero of the federation. I love MLP:FIM it’s glory will live on for ages to come.

Honestly in my mind the show never ended, their just remaking episodes since I always notice something new every time I watch them!

I just want to say the one who is in charge probably should add another folder like having g5 characters I just wanted to put that out there

RIP G4 I think this is the best song to represent the bronys and the show

I have a BIG question, in Equestria Girls, do we ever get an appearance of Soarin Skies? And who is he?

I'd like to write a fan fiction but I don't have much info on him. Is he a pop star or something? (I've read that a lot on fan fiction)

Anyways! Thanks!

I wish there was more to G4, but now there's the newest upcoming series! I can't wait!

It will live on after all for a while yet, it seems.

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