Even though by the looks of the finale, Twilight might be immortal and have to watch her friends pass, its up to us. Jim Miller said they don't know how long everyone lives including Twilight. We get to choose what happens. No matter how popular this idea is, there are still those out there who still hold Megan McCarthy's statement in their hearts. Let us all unite for a happier ending!

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Hmm That's pretty interesting theory about that 🤔 but it's also kind of sad not seeing her there

According to someone who saw a screening for the G5 movie, Twilight is no longer around by its time, as Equestria is now ruled by different alicorns, all but one of whom are corrupt and arrogant, prideful of their lineage.

I thought this song kinda good for this

Or, every time they die, Discord can resurrect them like he did Sombra. (I could definitely see him doing that with Fluttershy) Or maybe make them immortal too after the first time.

Solution is simple.

Make all the Element Bearers Immortal too,

They shall be together forever!^_^


Hello everypony!:rainbowkiss:

Thank you for your invitation, I have the same idea and aim with all of you, so I‘m very glad to join in your group.:twilightsmile:

My theory is that the immortality was not the ability of alicorns. The reason why Celestia and Luna could live for over thousands of years was they wore a magical crown, and they just hoofed it over to Twilight. Of course, Twilight would hoof over the crown to the next successor. You can see more details from my story "The Eternal Crown", I hope you like it.:pinkiehappy:

Actually, I’m from China, a none-native English speaker. So my English writing is not as well as you guys. Please forgive me if you find some mistakes in my story. Because of the time differences, I may not reply the message on time.

Its up to us whether she does or not. I would rather die than watch all my friends go. Immortality is just a curse in my opinion... unless you have a good amount of loved ones with it.

I can't imagine Twilight outliving her friends...:applecry:.

Welcome all of you!

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I have joined the crew!!!

Hello. Glad to have you aboard.

Hi!:pinkiehappy: I’m so glad that Lunestia Storyheart told us about this group!:raritystarry:

I would like to thank Lunestia StoryHeart for the shout out. Welcome to my group everyone!

That she would not outlive her friends. By the looks of the finale that promise was broken, but Jim Miller said they dont know how long everyone lives including twilight. It's up to us to give them a happy ending, that's why I created Passing on Together.

What was Meghan McCarthy’s statement, by any chance?

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