Even though by the looks of the finale, Twilight might be immortal and have to watch her friends pass, its up to us. Jim Miller said they don't know how long everyone lives including Twilight. We get to choose what happens. No matter how popular this idea is, there are still those out there who still hold Megan McCarthy's statement in their hearts. Let us all unite for a happier ending!

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I can't imagine Twilight outliving her friends...:applecry:.

Welcome all of you!

Joined the clan!

IWAE!! I have joined.

(Iwae means Rejoice in Japanese)

Hello. Glad to have you aboard.

Hi!:pinkiehappy: I’m so glad that Lunestia Storyheart told us about this group!:raritystarry:

I would like to thank Lunestia StoryHeart for the shout out. Welcome to my group everyone!

That she would not outlive her friends. By the looks of the finale that promise was broken, but Jim Miller said they dont know how long everyone lives including twilight. It's up to us to give them a happy ending, that's why I created Passing on Together.

What was Meghan McCarthy’s statement, by any chance?

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