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Update-ish · 10:39pm October 24th

Hey been a while right? Eh been away from Pony for quite some time. Funny how certain things no longer matter as much. Generation 5 came and it was a resulting pile of meh. I don't hate it. Characters can be fun, but it's really kind of empty. It did give me an idea for a fanfic though. Anyone interested in a "What happened to the Batponies?" series? Wouldn't be a long one, just a trilogy maybe six chapters apiece but I have the idea for this Batpony thief I've been throwing around. Maybe do

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You haven’t?

Gosh, you oughta see it at some point! It’s not only fantastic (at least in my opinion), but it play a big part in the eighth and ninth season.

Somnambula and Magnus are my favorites personally. I haven't seen the film yet.

How about a Pillar of Old or more? Or a character from the 2017 MLP film?

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