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Since the other group (male Alicorn) is dead
and that the one that made it hasn't been on for 3 year

I thought that I would make my own group

all of them, and non are Male !?

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It's Tough to be an Alicorn

Us Male alicorns are pretty rare :ajsmug:

Seeing as a male alicorns are non existent, this is a pretty unique group.

I ended up in here after an invite. Hello NicLove, and thanks for joining my Neighsay group:pinkiecrazy: (I was hoping someone would write in my group ;-;)

i have joined to say that i don't even have a male alicorn oc lol

I'm guessing I was invited because of my profile? Not that I'm complaining, thanks for the invite. :twilightsmile:

Ohhh Niche group...

Thanks for the invite (s)!

Thanks for the invite. Though my male Alicorn is still a wee one. Gonna be a while before he comes into his own.

Thanks for the invite

Thanks for the invite while not an alicorn nor male. I do love me a good alicorn story!

I have an OC that's gonna be right at home here.

Yes. This group exists. Awesome!

Thanks for the invite. As a fan of Alicorns, I greatly appreciate it.

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