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for Stories and O.C.s that are Alicorns
BUT are NOT royal

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Did one of you make the post ?

vibes into the room

Make a post and we'll shall talk about that

By the No Royal Alicorn Rule of this here group, does it encapsulate the usual "Princess" and occasional "Prince" titles? Or are we talking about every permutation of noble title and rank in our lexicon like "Archduke", "Baron", "Marquis", "Margrave", "Daimyo", "Von", "Lord-Warden", etc.?

In the immoral words of All Might...

I... AM... Here!

Well here I am.

Welp.... :twilightblush:
Here I am.

can you say that in the forum ?


Actually I think it should be. Either for this group or for the male Alicorn group.

443054S should that be our Icon ?

The non-royal Alicorns are the best ones. All hail Rivet, the blue collar Alicorn.

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