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Two month Hiatus?! CRAP! · 2:00pm Feb 20th, 2020

Okay I admit, I kinda died again and went off to do other stuff like play Fortnite for a month straight...

But I swear I had made progress on Ventrilocest!

I just need to finish the chapter.

So I'll try to have one out in a couple days...

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Would you want it through PM's?


I've been too busy with making My video game to write any kind of fanfic atm but you can still suggest something. I'm not a fan of doing grimdark stories but beyond that, i doubt i'd be against any other suggestion but don't expect it any time soon as all my creative efforts are towards making The Bonds Of Friendship atm.

I do have a fic suggestion or two, but first I'd like to know if there's anything you won't write about.

How do you rank the mane six from favorite to least favorite in order And please just answer dont be rude parents teach their kids to respond to questions

What are all your favorite ships

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