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Derpy Portal 2 and Other things knowing me ill probley wright a my little portal fanfiction ^ ^


New story. · 8:00pm Mar 30th, 2012

Uhrrghgh im so atticted to writing storys right now...anyways heres a preview..for the new story.. called "A family of 24"

Hi! Im Cookie N' Cream...Just call me Cookie K?.

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Since this guy is probably dead or something, non of you will get mad at me for testing the waters.... ok here goes: "FUCK THIS THREE STORY ONLY HAVING BITCH NOT UPDATING HIS DISCORD FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT STORY IN WHICH, I CRAPPED SHIT MORE INTERESTING TO READ AND FUCK THIS 100 WEEK LAZY ASS FUCKING TURD GARGLING PIECE OF GARBAGE!!!!!!:flutterrage:"

Sigh:twilightsheepish: ok I'm good now. #nofuckingregrets

2088022 Can you link it to me?

1486558 It is actually my OC (my dA is Kiko-The-Eevee if you need proof) I did request they change their icon, but seems they still havent

Who is the OC in your profile?

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