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I watch irl videos, green screen videos, gmod, videos, and sfm videos, all on youtube. I read mlp fanfics on fimfiction.net. I might start seeing the series, starting with 1st, or genealogy one. Fin.

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Pony Behaviors and 50's Americans · 7:33am July 15th

Seeing the first 13 episodes of Pony Meets World by Joey-O of Pecach Pictures, I kind of got an idea that the behaviors of ponies seeing something odd that they are completely unfamiliar with reminds me of the behaviors of American citizens during the 1950's. But what if all those ponies somehow, without noticing what's going on or realizing, got into our world during the 1950's, and more specifically, the U.S.? How would the Americans at the time react to seeing ponies like that for the first

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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Sexual