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Loveliest of Trees... from Fluttershy’s PoV? · 6:50am Oct 5th, 2020

I’ve been writing a story from the female’s PoV, and it’s really interesting and fun. It presents a challenge with first person, which is losing the omnipotence you have as the author, and also not projecting omnipotence into the character themselves. It’s challenging but fun.

I’ve been thinking... what if I overhauled Loveliest of Trees to be from Fluttershy’s PoV as she interacts with Coppermane. And we can learn about him through her eyes. More showing instead of telling.

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SoulAkai41 (FIM)

SoulAkai41 (FIM)

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SoulAkai41 (FIM)

SoulAkai41 (FIM)

SoulAkai41 (FIM)

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Azur Lane Jean Bart x Commander Romance fic

A new Azur Lane fic I'm writing, A Pirate's Crush. Something completely different from anything I've written before. Take a look :P
My name is Jean Bart. I'm the Vichya Dominion's strongest battleship, who needn't rely on anyone but myself. Yet... I've found myself completely infatuated with my commander. I have no clue how this happened. Just the sight of him turns my confidence into a mere facade, yet that feeling is like a drug to me. Confusing and aggravating would be a couple ways to describe it. Now, he wants me to be his next secretary. My heart is racing. How long can I keep up this facade of mine?

Welcome one and all!

Software engineer who writes bad stories in his spare time.

I'd love for you to check out my stories and leave feedback. All comments are greatly appreciated.

Drawn by SoulAkai41

Drawn by RavenTheGhost

- I appreciate all comments, follows, favorites, etc. If you took the time to look at my stories, thank you so much!

The Cute, the Fluffy, and Romantic Series (ALL HAVE BEEN FEATURED)

Coppermane & Fluttershy

Latest Stories

OC Profile

Based on me in real life
Universe: My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic
Species: Pony
Gender: Male
Kind: Unicorn

Mane: Messy-style, reddish-brown with copper highlights (hence his name)
Coat: Pastel-white
Eye Color: Brown
Cutie Mark: Black Music Staff with a treble clef with purple sparkles

Hometown: Canterlot

Personality: Shy, insecure, disturbed by his past, compassionate, caring, protective of his friends, impulsive, poor self-esteem

Various Details: Student of Princess Celestia, Gifted in Magic, Gifted in Music, Loves Barbershop A Cappella music, can clone himself with his magic to create his own barbershop quartet (or as many as he chooses), long history of being bullied.

EG Human Counterpart:
Hair: Messy-style, medium long, parted to his right. Reddish-brown with coppery highlights.
Eye Color: Brown
Build: Scrawny and Skinny; a little stronger than he looks
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 156 lbs.
Clothes (Generally): Black Sweatpants or slim jeans, black or purple shirt with graphic of his cutie mark in white, occasionally a black hoodie with his cutie mark, white tennis shoes.

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Hello, Nordryd, I'm a huge fan of your works. My mind is glued and my heart just flutters and beats faster whenever I feel the want to read your tales. I just thought I'd share with you my personal ranking on your fluffy The Cute, the Fluffy, and the Romantic series and beloved Coppershy series.

For your CFR series (from least favorite to most favorite):

  • More Than Just a Wallflower (Not that I didn't enjoy it; Wallflower's just not a personal favorite of mine.)
  • An Audience of One (Sonata is cute throughout the story, but there's not much else I can say.)
  • Thunder and Lightning (I like Rarity's tale, but the romance between her and Anon seemed out of place and rushed since he only just helped her out of the rain.)
  • A Cupcake for your Thoughts (Pinkie's constant pestering towards the protagonist is one way to display your feelings towards a crush and her reaction when Anon asks her to be his "cupcake" is adorable, but her mood when he snapped was sad.)
  • Sitting in a Tree (I'm not much of a sports boy and I can somewhat relate to the protagonist of calling himself a "couch potato," but I wouldn't say no to some sports as I do soccer, track & field, and bowling, but not about me. RD's warming up to Anon was nice to see and her reaction towards him calling her "pretty" was adorable.)
  • A Bunny a Day (While pale in comparison to your other stories about her, it's still sweetly adorable and just makes me envious for such a girl like Fluttershy.)
  • The Diamond in the Rough (I can honestly connect to Twilight more since all I do is just wanting to get through school and I'm rather smart myself and focus more on work, but I also have no real friends; just people who I'm forced to be surrounded with as they do nothing but be pains in the ass, but that aside, this was a heartwarmingly cute tale.)
  • The Apple of My Eye (This is nigh perfect in my eyes. The chemistry between AJ and Anon was sweet and believable, their slow shift to romance was both tense and sweet, and the epilogue was cute to see the CMC spy on the pair and gush over them. This would have been at the top if not for #1.)
  • Reaching (What can I say? Sunset Shimmer is as you described her. She's perfect in both personality and physique. I can't get her out of my mind or envision my dream girl that doesn't match her personality. Her struggles are understandable and relatable as I've done some stupid things in my life (just small in comparison). My Celestia, what I'd give, provided I have the nerve and confidence, to find a girl like her and treat her as every bit as the princess angel she would want to be.)

    And now for your beloved Coppershy (From most favorite to least favorite; only going from Sweet and Delicate to Green Leaves of Everfree)

    1. Loveliest of Trees (This is just perfect!! This would make an excellent teen film if done right. You basically implored all clichés (meet you, kisses, breakups, I-love-yous, prom dance, bullies-get-just-desserts, etc.) to be expected from such a film and incorporate them so well into your story. This pairing is one of my top five most favorite outside the canon materials and I can't get enough of Coppermane and Fluttershy's adorable relationship.)
    2. Sweet and Delicate (A great way to begin your fanfic writing career. This is just beautiful and adorable. Seeing Coppermane bond with the Mane 6 and the secondary characters of Ponyville and knowing of his backstory are great, but Coppershy is just amazing as they slowly get out of their shells and act like two friends with mutual crushes before finally becoming an item. This is just undeniably, unquestionably, un-put-down-able.)
    3. Before You (Knowing more of Coppermane's life at Crystal Prep other than him being the punching bag was nice and adds to his initial character. You must have (or had; I don't know where you stand today) a real axe to grind against Crystal Prep, which I understand, to the point of some of them, including the Shadowbolts, transferring to CHS to get away from that toxic Crystal Empire knockoff. If in Copper's shoes, I wouldn't trust Sunny Flare and her friends ever again, but it was noble of them to see them fight back against Neon's bitch squad. But the icing on the cake was seeing Fluttershy's explosion and calling those Crystal Pricks out for their heartlessness.)
    4. Stress Relief (I'd enjoy a good clopfic as much as the next guy, but this one is built towards relieving Coppermane of his work-related stress rather than just some scenario pulled out of a porn movie. And it was also hot to see the shy pair be more bold and sexual while smothering each other with their lust and love.)
    5. Amorous (A day at the beach should make any couple go sexually nuts at the mere sight in just swimwear, and it was nice for Coppershy to explore their romance more intimately and decide to wait until they're fully ready. Speaking of which...(Look upward).)
    6. The Green Leaves of Everfree (I divided this into three acts: Act I (Ch. 1-4), Act II (Ch. 5-7), and Act III (Ch. 8-10). Act I's my second favorite as it has its cute moments but goes south with the severely injured Copper (which makes me wish he were a genuine character in the franchise, but he's yours and yours alone), Act II was slow and sorta underwhelming for me as it focused on Flutters just crying over whether she'll ever see her prince okay again until she finally blew up, and, finally, Act III takes the top for Coppermane's slow recovery and Fluttershy's detox from her stress and, if you're not preceding any further after this, you cap it off with Fluttershy about to make Coppermane drool over her sexual teasing. All in all, not the best way to end a series, but a great one overall.)
    7. Distractions (Angel's not a favorite, I'm sure the same applies to your other fans, but it was nice to explore that Coppershy isn't as perfect as we were led to believe and seeing the lengths Coppermane would go just to make Fluttershy smile is warming.)
    8. Rumors (Low blow from that fucker Neon to make Fluttershy miserable just to get back at Copper, but it was adorable to see Fluttershy ecstatic to see her relationship still going strong while going over the misunderstanding cliché.)
    9. The Magic Inside (Again not hating; just weak in comparison. Silver linings include the dynamics between Coppershy as always and, of course, Copper's onstage performance.)
    10. Insecurity (Not hating this; it's just another episode of Copper bullying himself and Fluttershy swooping to remind him why he's so special.)

      Anyways, this was my two bits on some of your finest. You still have some more favorites of mine, but I just wanted to share with my thoughts on your two main collections. So, as a fellow fanfic writer, keep writing the best of writes and brony on.

Love your stories Nordryd !!!

Give it a read and be the judge
(Shout At The Devil, I mean)

Thanks for the watch, trust me, my stories are worse. At least by the fandoms perspective. My stories just make fun of them lol.

So is Chapter 4 coming out

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