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Loveliest of Trees... from Fluttershy’s PoV? · 6:50am Oct 5th, 2020

I’ve been writing a story from the female’s PoV, and it’s really interesting and fun. It presents a challenge with first person, which is losing the omnipotence you have as the author, and also not projecting omnipotence into the character themselves. It’s challenging but fun.

I’ve been thinking... what if I overhauled Loveliest of Trees to be from Fluttershy’s PoV as she interacts with Coppermane. And we can learn about him through her eyes. More showing instead of telling.

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SoulAkai41 (FIM)

SoulAkai41 (FIM)

Simply Anarchy (FIM)

SoulAkai41 (FIM)

SoulAkai41 (FIM)

SoulAkai41 (FIM)

Starshine89 (FFN)

Azur Lane Jean Bart x Commander Romance fic

A new Azur Lane fic I'm writing, A Pirate's Crush. Something completely different from anything I've written before. Take a look :P
My name is Jean Bart. I'm the Vichya Dominion's strongest battleship, who needn't rely on anyone but myself. Yet... I've found myself completely infatuated with my commander. I have no clue how this happened. Just the sight of him turns my confidence into a mere facade, yet that feeling is like a drug to me. Confusing and aggravating would be a couple ways to describe it. Now, he wants me to be his next secretary. My heart is racing. How long can I keep up this facade of mine?

Welcome one and all!

Software engineer who writes bad stories in his spare time.

I'd love for you to check out my stories and leave feedback. All comments are greatly appreciated.

Drawn by SoulAkai41

Drawn by RavenTheGhost

- I appreciate all comments, follows, favorites, etc. If you took the time to look at my stories, thank you so much!

The Cute, the Fluffy, and Romantic Series (ALL HAVE BEEN FEATURED)

Coppermane & Fluttershy

Latest Stories

OC Profile

Based on me in real life
Universe: My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic
Species: Pony
Gender: Male
Kind: Unicorn

Mane: Messy-style, reddish-brown with copper highlights (hence his name)
Coat: Pastel-white
Eye Color: Brown
Cutie Mark: Black Music Staff with a treble clef with purple sparkles

Hometown: Canterlot

Personality: Shy, insecure, disturbed by his past, compassionate, caring, protective of his friends, impulsive, poor self-esteem

Various Details: Student of Princess Celestia, Gifted in Magic, Gifted in Music, Loves Barbershop A Cappella music, can clone himself with his magic to create his own barbershop quartet (or as many as he chooses), long history of being bullied.

EG Human Counterpart:
Hair: Messy-style, medium long, parted to his right. Reddish-brown with coppery highlights.
Eye Color: Brown
Build: Scrawny and Skinny; a little stronger than he looks
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 156 lbs.
Clothes (Generally): Black Sweatpants or slim jeans, black or purple shirt with graphic of his cutie mark in white, occasionally a black hoodie with his cutie mark, white tennis shoes.

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Love your stories Nordryd !!!

Give it a read and be the judge
(Shout At The Devil, I mean)

Thanks for the watch, trust me, my stories are worse. At least by the fandoms perspective. My stories just make fun of them lol.

So is Chapter 4 coming out

By the way since kirlia is a male. Will you evolve him into a gallade ?

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