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Boom, Bang, Shalamading, Boomadingding. Boom. :duck: :moustache: :trollestia:

Enjoy my stories?

Commissions CLOSED

Commissions are open! Only by PM.

Editing Commissions: $3 / 1k words
Send me a screenshot of the word count, or use some word counter tool. If it's already on FIMFiction, the site's word count will be used. I'll get an exact calculation once I receive the word count.
Upfront payment. Only by PayPal, please. No content restrictions.

Writing Commissions:
This might change later, but for now I'm just going to have a set menu for these to simplify things.

Oneshot: $4 / 1k words
Multi-Chapter: $5 / 1k words
NO CLOP OR GRIMDARK. Any requests for these genres will be immediately declined. This might change later.
Payment will not be upfront. During the process I'll ask for some details to make sure I get your request right.
If OCs are involved, I'll need a character description, and ideally an image (not required).
When the first chapter (or a decent chunk of the oneshot) is finished, I will post it unpublished and send you a view password. When I receive the other half of the payment, I will publish and submit it. Only by PayPal, please.

In the event that the user refuses to pay, it will not be published. Instead, a blog post will be posted with the story description. If you wish to see the story, users may pay all or a fraction of the commission fee. If users supplement the full payment, it will be posted as normal.

If you have any other questions, PM me and I'll be happy to answer them.

Your continued support means the world to me, and I'm absolutely thrilled that I have so many loyal followers. You guys rock, and I look forward to writing for you guys!


Checking in · 4:24am Jul 29th, 2018

Hey guys, long time no see. I'm making this post to check in since it's been a while, and seems like I've gained a few more followers, so yay for that! Thanks for your continued support!

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SoulAkai41 (FIM)

SoulAkai41 (FIM)

Simply Anarchy (FIM)

SoulAkai41 (FIM)

SoulAkai41 (FIM)

SoulAkai41 (FIM)

Starshine89 (FFN)

Amadeus - Favorite Movie

This movie is a masterpiece, and is awesome for a music minor like myself.


Sleep by Eric Whitacre

Fluttershy is my Waifu

If you dare hurt this adorable creature, I will find you, and you shall die by my hands.

Welcome one and all!

Not actively writing at the moment. All incomplete stories on hiatus
I'm just a computer science student who started writing one day on a whim, and it turns out my stories aren't that bad (according to my readers).

I'd love for you to check out my stories and leave feedback. All comments are greatly appreciated.

Drawn by SoulAkai41

Drawn by RavenTheGhost

Some Facts About Me:
- I'm my own editor. I do everything myself on here. Every story you see is all me, minus a spark of inspiration or an idea for a story.
- I'm 21 years old.
- My real name is Jake
- I'm currently an undergraduate student, majoring in Computer Science and minoring in music. Hoping to focus on Computer Security.
- I love gaming, writing, and reading everyone's comments.
- Fluttershy is my waifu. If you try to hurt her, I will find you...
- I'm in the top audition choir at my university, where I sing Bass II.
- I love barbershop a cappella.
- I won't hate you for liking something I hate. You're free to like whatever you want to like. I hate people who judge people for thinking differently than them.
- I unfortunately suffer from depression, and I have spells frequently.
- I'm a secret romantic, as you'll probably be able to tell if you read my stories.
- I live in the United States.
- I hate mean people.

- I appreciate all comments, follows, favorites, etc. Seriously, it's like a party in my head whenever I get a notification like that. It's kind of sad...

- If you took the time to look at my stories, thank you so much!

The Cute, the Fluffy, and Romantic Series (ALL HAVE BEEN FEATURED)

Latest Stories

OC Profile

Based on me in real life
Universe: My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic
Species: Pony
Gender: Male
Kind: Unicorn

Mane: Messy-style, reddish-brown with copper highlights (hence his name)
Coat: Pastel-white
Eye Color: Brown
Cutie Mark: Black Music Staff with a treble clef with purple sparkles

Hometown: Canterlot

Personality: Shy, insecure, disturbed by his past, compassionate, caring, protective of his friends, impulsive, poor self-esteem

Various Details: Student of Princess Celestia, Gifted in Magic, Gifted in Music, Loves Barbershop A Cappella music, can clone himself with his magic to create his own barbershop quartet (or as many as he chooses), long history of being bullied.

EG Human Counterpart:
Hair: Messy-style, medium long, parted to his right. Reddish-brown with coppery highlights.
Eye Color: Brown
Build: Scrawny and Skinny; a little stronger than he looks
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 156 lbs.
Clothes (Generally): Black Sweatpants or slim jeans, black or purple shirt with graphic of his cutie mark in white, occasionally a black hoodie with his cutie mark, white tennis shoes.

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I wouldn't count my chickens 'til they're hatched, my friend. He's just on hiatus.

Sorry to say this, but I think the account's dead. The only thing he does nowadays is tweet. :/

How you been doing, bro? According to your last blog, you're in a good place. You still doing good?

He has a Discord, and relays all his tweets to it.


I know, I've read it. Just wanted to say, is all.

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