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I thought you said weast...


Sunset gets up in the middle of the night for a small midnight snack. Downstairs she finds Twilight awake as well, struggling to write the counter-spell. Sunset offers condolence, and ends up learning a big secret about Twilight. One that makes Sunset's heart flutter.

An extension of the Rainbow Rocks scene between Sunset & Twilight.

**Featured from August 23-25, 2016. How?! Thank you so much! :raritystarry:

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I love all of your unedited, random fluff stories. They're always so good :pinkiehappy:

Great job! You never fail to do one. :twilightsmile:

That was very sweet and cute. Pretty good stuff for just writing off the cuff! Good job!

That was so adorably beautiful! Great job! Man your so good at writing stories like these :twilightsmile:

*staring in stunned silence*
*collapses and dies of adorabetes*

Aww. It's like drowning in cotton candy.

This was sweet, and pretty cute. I'm not even aboard this ship, and I liked it. Well done.

Yay, I always love the Sunlight pairing. :yay: Not to mention this is probably my favorite scene of the movie. Even more impressive that you wrote this so quickly.

Aaaaand, I'm dead with cuteness.:pinkiesmile:

this is how it should have happened lol:twilightsmile:

:rainbowkiss: Sooooo cute! I wanna read more SunLight stories

Im usually not into this kind of stuff, but it is really cute. So I like it. Good work.:twilightsmile:

And I missed this how...?:pinkiegasp:

Just what I needed after a rather long day.
These two are so cute together! :heart:


The PanzerBrony approves this sweet, SunLight ship story!!

Featured because it's cute of course. :-) Congratulations!

The "I love you" was too soon for me, but otherwise it was cute.

Oof. Right to the heart.

Cute, but very basic - not really a lot of story here. Not to say it's bad, but it reads like a scene taken out of context from a longer story.

7506431 I wrote this completely on a whim, so yeah. Sorry :twilightblush:

:ajbemused: And I am now diabetic.

:pinkiesmile: Worth it.

Gotta have a daily dose of SunLight, but this...

This will keep me going for the rest of the week.


Understood. I personally never do that - I don't like going for half measures, so I try to make sure every story I write is special. If course, given how slowly I write, I basically have to make all of them count. :twilightsheepish:

Eh, I guess this is okay as far as romantic fluff goes. The buildup went on so long that I suspected there would be a 'twist' ending of Twilight actually being interested in someone else. I mean, c'mon, she drew a heart with their initials in it? That's so leading, I saw a twist coming a mile off ... then that didn't happen.

7506828 So is it a twist in the sense that it wasn't a twist? :rainbowwild:

Probably not

That was such a sweet story. I wish this would've happened in the movie.

And i`ve been hit with adorkable, fluffy feels. Again. For the umpteenth time. Darn this site and it`s pony fluff!
Random mustache! :moustache:

Once. Just once. I want to see one of these shipfics play out exactly like this, until the person who is being crushed on decides to go in for the kiss from the stammering crusher.

Just to get pure shock and "What the actual hell" from the crusher, who it turns out is NOT working up the courage to confess a crush to her best friend, and the protagonist (and therefore audience) was completely misreading the situation.

7506939 so... did you not like the story then?

No, it was a good story, and I liked your take on it.
I was just invested enough to have the idea for the story I pitched in my rant :derpytongue2:

7506963 You know that sounds like it'd be an awesome story. I would totally read it if someone did it. Bonus points if they did it well.

Oh ya kinda forgot to say something about this peice hu? It was interesting and cute. But then again isn't the goal of this to be a little peice of fluff?
Good story.


Cute, fluffy story that gave me diabetus. :pinkiehappy:
Fluffy SunLight is always good.3

Congratulations on having a spot in the [Featured] Box! :twilightsmile:

This is the first non-comedy SunLight fic I've ever favorited.

Not that I don't like the pairing, but usually the stories become immediately sexualized, and I don't really care for that. Stories like this one are the sort of shipping stories I like to see on the front page - no attention grabbing titles or raunchy hooks, just a nice story that was well written. Thank you for writing something genuinely good, even if it only took a few hours.

I think the most interesting part of SunLight fics is that either character seems equally likely to be the initiator of the relationship. Twilight being Sunset's liberator and an alicorn can put her in a lofty position relative to Sunset, but Sunset being both older and more experienced with life in the human world can make her seem unattainable in Twilight's eyes. That sort of potential reverence from both sides makes any story of the beginning of a relationship an interesting one. I don't really see that angle with other pairings. It is a shame so many authors resort to sexualization when there are so many fascinating ways the relationship could be initiated.

7507681 I'm not saying I won't write clop in the future, but I don't like how every fic has to be sexualized now, I get it. Actually, the only sex-tag story I have (Amorous) was the first story of mine to get in the popular widget. Funny how that works out, huh? The power of boners...

I'm glad I could deliver in a different way. I can't believe this story is doing so well :raritystarry:


How the hell did this story explode like it has?! It's becoming my second highest rated story, and it'd only been a single day! How?!

You made a story starring a popular ship with no proper buildup and it is solely meant to be a light, fluffy piece.

Gee, I wonder why?

7508148 Do you have a problem with every story I write? :fluttershysad:


Okay, time to explain.

The Feature Box is solely automated, with certain stories getting picked out depending on a number of factors decided by algorithms. IIRC, it used to be human-operated, but when you have a few thousand users all clamouring for their fics to be placed into a special spot with so few vacancies, you're bound to upset someone.

Anyway, a few important factors include the amount of viewers reading it at any given moment, how early it was released and the identity of the person who wrote the featured story.

Let's concentrate on the number of viewers thing. More readers generate more heat, which in turn will help propel it into either the Popular Shelf or the Featured Box. A good way to attract viewers to your story is to make it a comedy story, a sad fic that make idiots write "Da Feels" in the comments, a story in starring a self-insert character which readers live vicariously through 2nd-perspective person scores with the MLP girl of their dreams, or just straight-clop starring popular characters. Remember that time where the Featured Box was filled with nothing but Spike-centred stories after "Gauntlet of Fire?"

Thought so. Nowhere is it stated that quality has to be a determining factor. Ad Populum.

Another factor is the identity of the person who wrote it. IIRC, you wrote "Sitting in a Tree," another story in a series of bland, flat and uninteresting self-inserts fucking their waifus' brains out which followed the same formula as Lightning Sword's Steam Collection and Celestia knows how many stories before this.

That story was featured, which in turns leads more users to pay attention to you and whatever you churn out of your ass. In fact, having a featured fic raises your chances of your future stories ending up in the box.

A good example is Monochromatic's Bodyguard AU series, where almost each and every one of her story in that series ended up in the Featured Box. The main difference is that one author writes decent stories filled to the brim with fluff and the other is you. There's also Summer Dancer's stories, where almost each and every one of her stories has ended up in the Featured Box since I don't know when.

tl;dr: It depends on popularity and what the audience wants, and it is not generally indicative of quality.

Do you have a problem with every story I write?

Your first story is about a Unicorn OC who studied under Princess Celestia, who somehow has enough magical power to rival that of Twilight, goes to Ponyville and wins over Fluttershy. It was then remixed, dragged through shit and then handed to us in the form of Loveliest of Trees, where it was the same story all over again.

Also, Amorous. Disgusting.

A mutual friend of ours is the only reason I put up with you.

7508258 I see. Well... I'm sorry. I don't mean to upset you. :fluttershysad:

The fluff series aren't clopfics. I wrote them purely for fluff. And the reason they seem a lot like LightningSword's stories are because I was inspired by him. I mean, I guess there are implications after the fact, but I don't explicitly say the protagonist fuck the girl's brains out.

Sorry the one clopfic I do have disgusts you :ajsleepy:. Can I ask why? I didn't mean it to be disgusting. I just wanted my OC and Fluttershy to explore their relationship. You might hate them, but the people who like the story and pairing wouldn't agree.

For the record, I've always known the featured box and popular widgets are totally automated.

Sorry that you "have to put up with me" because of a mutual friend. But you don't have to read my stories, y'know? If they upset you that much, why don't you just ignore them? Do you feel obligated to read my stories because of this "mutual friend"?

I don't aim to be the best, I just aim to be decent.

This was a very interesting take, imo. I thought it was going to just be some of the same old, simply executed well.

Instead, we got a version of that night that was both adult, and juvenile. Sunset was mature where it counted, but they both acted like adorable teenagers where it was cute.

I think the only way it could have been better is if you'd circumvented the "shutting up with a kiss," I know it's supposed to be romantic, but it's actually kinda weird and it's just done to death.

But, other than that one cliche nitpick (and it's very much a nitpick based in personal preference), excellent job!

7508346 I'm a sucker for the shut up kiss :rainbowkiss:

Violet! Please don't be mean like that. That was just very uncalled for. Nordryd's stories are fine just the way they are, and a little romantic fluff is a good thing. Being featured is a big deal, at least it was to me the first time, and you shouldn't try to make him feel bad for his accomplishment. I'm sorry if I'm nagging you, but that was just really harsh. Are you like that on all his stories? :fluttershysad:


I'm jealous that you got to the feature box

You could have really saved your fingers, and everyone's time, by just summing up the thing that got your knickers in a twist, without the forced attempt at masking your vitriol with attempted eloquence.

Neat little story! I don't usually go for little fluff pieces like this, but it put a smile on my face. Good job, author :pinkiesmile:


Just, seriously man. This was so uncalled for.

The setting of this story is a major problem for me. It expects the reader to buy that Sunset and Twilight basically confess their love for each other in this scene... and then spontaneously forget about it for the remainder of the movie with no indications of it ever happening. Sorry, just too implausible.

And beyond that, there's not really anything to the story. Two characters turn out to have a thing for each other, the end. It's so generic that if you were to change the setting, you could swap out Sunset and Twilight and replace them with practically any two characters who know each other with only a few mild revisions.

7509669 True, that is true. Sorry it didn't satisfy you. :ajsleepy:

If I had it my way, Sunset and Twilight would've kissed at the end of Rainbow Rocks before she walked through the portal, and it causes them to pony up.

And when Twilight calls "Sunset Shimmer... we need you!" Sunset does it not for the girls, but for Twilight.

If I had my way at least.

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