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I thought you said weast...


Twilight is in the mood to flex her creative muscle and write a story. But when she gets her parchment and quill out, her mind comes to a complete halt. What does she write about? Her idea bank is completely empty.

What to do? Well, why not ask the mare whose mind is always flowing with new and random thoughts?

Random idea I had :rainbowwild:

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Comment posted by FourShadow deleted Apr 15th, 2017

This was...existential:rainbowlaugh:

Good job. Just noticed a few mistakes:

The sunrise shined brightly through the stained-glass windows of Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Castle. A heavy sigh echoed throughout the halls, breaking the dead silence.


“Can you imagine a world without cupcakes.


Everyone can relate to this

It kind of feels like this story went absolutely nowhere.


Perhaps that was the point...?:derpytongue2:


Well, the long description pitches it as a story focused on Pinkie giving Twilight new ideas. However, because that isn't actually the story's main thrust, it shouldn't be presented as such.

And even if the intended point of the story is that sometimes nothing happens, it didn't come across that way. It felt like there was supposed to be something here, but whatever that something was, it just ended up getting left out.

I dunno. Wasn't really my thing.


Yep, I was kinda thrown off by the description, too.

That was amazing! I'd give this story a 8/10.

“Twilight, we’ll be fine!” Spike said. “Trust me. Besides… I kind of want to be with Rarity alone, y’know?”


You sir, are a great story writer

I'm the exact opposite of Twilight. I have the ideas but I'm too dumb to execute them.

Well, that was a story that happened. You know your random idea stories have a tendency to be very entreating. Good job:yay:.

Rainbow Frienship Kindgom Castle


A story about how the author can't think of anything to write about... that's the best we could come up with?

Hey, you pulled it off pretty well Twi- I mean Nordryd.

Hey, me too! I have a bunch of ideas but no time or inspiration to actually write them :unsuresweetie:

I never metajoke I didn't like.

More seriously, yeah, I can relate.


You're a monster

7475623 I should be punished
for every pun I shed
do not leave a puny shred
of my punnish head!

Ah, writer's block. It sucks.

That said, I think Twilight's more of an analytical sort than creative.

*is fending off an attack of plot bunnies* I can't say I relate to this much, but at least it was funny. The idea they ended up with threw me for a loop as I tried to think about how many clueless authors that makes...

Hope it wasn't awful. :twilightblush:

It wasn't. While I wouldn't say it's exactly stellar or hilarious, it is an enjoyable slice of life that I can easily see happening in the actual series.

This is punderous,man.
Therefore this is pun-itive
It wasn't written with a puncil.
And that's my opunion.

A couple days ago I heard a song about wanting to write song and coming up short. Here it is:

Coincidence that this story kind of does the same? I think not! I believe fate is telling me something... but what?

What about a world where there's nothing to write about AND there's no candy!?! :pinkiegasp:

7533711 THE HORROR!!!! :raritycry: :raritydespair:

This story is like watching someone on TV watching TV

That was so funny! The ending was totally unpredictable but at the same time very predictable. :pinkiehappy:

Also Pinkie Pie was very show accurate. Very clever story! :twilightsmile:

Huh. Reminds me whenever I'm trying to put together a new story and I've got nothing.

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