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Applejack asks Rainbow Dash to watch over her house while her family goes out of town for the Apple Family Reunion.

While Rainbow Dash is at the Apple's house, she discovers something of Applejack's that changes everything Rainbow ever knew about her. Something that could change their relationship forever.

**Popular from June 8-11, 2016 :raritystarry:

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Great job man, this was sweet. :raritystarry:

This was simply amazing! So adorable and heartfelt. Thank you for writing this, darling!:heart:

That was really great!

Appledash ftw

Comment posted by Nordryd deleted Jun 8th, 2016

I have no interest in these shippings.....
Oh no, you made me like it!
It's TOO CUTE! XD :heart:

Aww, very sweet. I felt so sorry for Applejack throughout the fic. This just sells it, Rainbow is best human along with Sunset.

This was adorable!!!! And almost original setting!

Aww, that was so sweet! :heart:

I love it! :heart: Oh, I gotta tell Hester, she'll go crazy and read it first thing on her shift! :pinkiehappy:

It was pretty good

Amazingly well done my friend! One of my favorite and personal shippings :pinkiehappy:

Well, great, you killed me with fluffiness. I hope you're happy.

Aww, my OTP! awesome Job! And congrats on the feature, it totally deserved it :)

I enjoyed this. Thanks for writing.

7293850 Was it featured at one point?! :rainbowderp:


Oops, I meant popular :twilightblush: but I think it should of been. Who knows, maybe it was?

Comment posted by Nordryd deleted Aug 5th, 2016

:raritystarry: D'aawww. So cute! Never been too much of a fan of AppleDash in Equestria. They feel more like bros, and they're just a bit too competitive with each other. But I think the insecurity of youth gives the EQG version a lightness that makes it downright adorable.

Loved it!

I just died. :fluttershbad: I.. This... This is perfect. :raritycry:

not really a fan of applexdash shippings but man oh man how the fic is well written dude its almost like an intro for porn coz of the lezbo stuff with applexdash here!:pinkiecrazy:

but good read though i give a 7 out of 10!:twilightsmile:

Lesbianism, huh? I LIKE IT!!

Fun and :scootangel: cute, though a little short for my tastes.
Only problem I found is that this fic doesn't include Sunset Shimmer; everything is better with Sunset Shimmer!:trollestia::moustache:

This is so adorable I can't help but d'awww.

Have a Like and an upvote! :rainbowkiss::ajsmug:

Men, i can't stop READING this fanfic! Because it's APPLEDASH!! :pinkiehappy:
I really loved it, and it makes me gay so bad :rainbowlaugh:

That was the CUTEST thing. This needs more. A sequel, or something.

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