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Welcome! This is a group for fans of the AppleDash pairing. The admins are big fans, and will try to keep this updated with as many fics as we can find.

We think it would be cool to make this different from other shipping groups. In addition to fics for you to look at, we'd also like to use the message boards to collect art, links and vids related to the pairing. While you're there, feel free to toss around questions and ideas related to writing fics about this pairing and the characters, and to have fun with the occasional shipping related meme or questionaire.

In other words, interact. Comment, add stuff, post messages, and if you have any questions contact DbzOrDie or bookplayer.

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I'm looking for someone who is a talented at drawing who can draw a cover picture for my Fic. You can pm me.

So I'm working on an Appledash fic featuring older as in in their 80s older Rainbow dash and applejack. problem is I've never really written romance before focusing mainly on vivid imagery. What i'm trying to ask if if some of you could read it and give me some advice on how to proceed in bring them together as a couple i really don't want it too be cliche i'm going for a slow burn. thanks my story is called uisce beatha and the parting glass

Comment posted by Fishfingers-and-custard deleted February 2nd

Name's Harmony Sparkle! Big AppleDash fan!

Hi my name is ArtistFire.


Have another contest. DO IT NOW :pinkiecrazy:

Gosh I joined your group, DBZ :pinkiegasp: I just have to write that one AppleDash story. I swear I have it jotted down in my notebook!

Appledashery should be under the non-romantic imo, as there is no romance of said ponies, or even a mutual confession. It should really be under friendshipping >.>

It probably sounds like a betrayal but I also ship FlutterDash. Maybe I should make a group for Fluttershy x Rainbow Dash x AJ?:yay::heart::rainbowwild::ajsmug:

Heeeeeeeeey guys

Ahhh there 632 :twilightsmile:

How long has it been since I last saw the number 631 bump up :fluttercry:

Appledash, not Twidash or Flutterdash. Appledash.

Can I have saveable link to that banner? it looks great :twilightsmile:

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